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im a carer


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May 6, 2015
My mum has been diagnosed with alzheimers about 3 years ago shes been okay until these past few months.her behaviour as got real strange all she dus allday is pace up and down and in and out rooms dusting and clean well cleaning in her way to the point wher she is knocking things over and triping over her own feet. my main concern is its at a fast pace and I mean fazt she never sits down she also has mood changes to shes shouting at someone or something and then she's crying and wanting to go home to her mum and siblings she lives at home with my dad.My dad his finding her behaviour hard to deal with ..she's on the go none stop from 8am until 6pm when shes starts to calm down...I am just wondering if this is normal we've been told there's nothing that the medical team can do she takes medication for her anxiety but of late nothing seems to be working.We have been told this pacing will pass if so when ..im just wondering if anyone is suffering with this never still behaviour. Thanks harvey bob.:(


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Aug 30, 2013

Welcome, and glad you have found us.
Has your mothers condition changed very quickly, or only slowly?
Quickly, she may have a water infection, trip to GP will be needed.
Slowly, (weeks or months) will most likely be a phase, just keep her safe, and remove the Ming vases!