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I'm 31.. and scared!

Discussion in 'Memory concerns and seeking a diagnosis' started by ChrisH147, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. ChrisH147

    ChrisH147 Registered User

    Jan 24, 2017
    Hi all..

    I'm 31, I lost my mum just over 3 years ago to vascular dementia, she got it quite young in her life (just 56)..

    for the past 2 years(ish) I've not been feeling myself.. kinda like I could just sit and zone out for hours if I chose to, I've lost all motivation, and I've been jumbling up words more and more often.. for instance If I was talking about something like an orange I'll call it an apple or just completely go blank as to what the word is for a few seconds..

    It's not really impacting my life yet, although I am very very aware of it and it does scare the hell out of me and I think about it ALL the time, I don't feel.. normal!

    I am over weight and have not taken very good care of myself for years, that is now changing.. I am determined to turn that around and get healthy and in shape..
    I'm just hoping it's not too late to turn things around??

    Has anyone else experienced the same type of thing?
  2. Grannie G

    Grannie G Volunteer Moderator

    Apr 3, 2006
    Hello Chris

    Are you sure you have posted in the correct sub forum? You do not know you have dementia and although I`m no medic it really sounds as if you are suffering the after effects of caring for your mother and grief following your loss.

    It`s good to hear you are determined to help yourself and perhaps the first step could be a visit to your GP, just to explain how you feel and see if there`s any treatment to see you through this bad patch.

    Stay in contact with Talking Point. There will be a lot of support and understanding for you here.

    If you so go to the GP please post a follow up and let us know what help is offered.

    If you would like your Thread to be moved to a more suitable sub forum, e.g. Memory concerns.......please ask any moderator to move it for you.
  3. ChrisH147

    ChrisH147 Registered User

    Jan 24, 2017
    ah sorry I did wonder where to put this, you're absolutely right.. I've not been diagnosed, and to be honest I know there is no cure and no way to slow it down so if I do have it I'd rather bury my head in the sand :(

    I can only hope you're right and it's part of my grieving, although to be honest I'm not so sure :(

    Can a mod move this to memory concerns please?
  4. Grannie G

    Grannie G Volunteer Moderator

    Apr 3, 2006
    #4 Grannie G, Jan 24, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2017
    I will move it Chris. Please see your GP asap.

    Just to add......

    My son started to have concerns about himself when he was heavily involved with his dad`s care and at the same time was under stress at work.

    He is so much better now things have settled.
  5. ChrisH147

    ChrisH147 Registered User

    Jan 24, 2017
    I also have been having stress with my job for the past year and a half, I was off for 4 months last year due to it..

    I think I'll take your advice and go see my GP, thanks for your help, it means a lot
  6. Grannie G

    Grannie G Volunteer Moderator

    Apr 3, 2006
    I`m sorry about the work related stress but pleased it`s opened your eyes to the effects stress can have.

    Take care. keep in touch.
  7. oilovlam

    oilovlam Registered User

    Aug 2, 2015
    South East
    Chris, such thoughts probably go through the mind of all relatives of people with dementia. Am I next?

    I guess some people like to 'bury their head in the sand' but sometimes it is worth discussing things with a professional, so the GP is the best option. They will put your mind at rest, probably do tests to see if there are any underlying medical conditions that could be putting your body under stress.

    It sounds like you have decided to get healthier...I'm sure the doctor would approve and encourage you.

    Certain 'tricks' of the memory can occur at any age. I often go upstairs and forget what I went up for....'apparently' perfectly normal (our brains developed to handle different environments, going from one room to another is 'similar' to going from open grassland into shaded woodland and the brain switches to different areas to cope with the different challenge...is there a tiger in the grass or a snake up the tree!!).
  8. Saffie

    Saffie Registered User

    Mar 26, 2011
    Near Southampton
    Depression can show many of the symptoms of dementia and with stress added to the mix, it does sound as though this could very well be at the root of your problem. It is really good that you have decided to take control of your health. I wish you well with it. x

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