If Your Loved One is Looked After By Agency Carers


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Jun 5, 2007
Surrey UK
When I was Care Giving and there was a regular change over of Carers I downloaded what I deemed to be the most useful information from this link
and made it into a booklet.
I concentrated on
and one or two others.I tried to keep it relatively brief, concentrating on the most important points as I felt if it were too long it would not be read.!
I asked the Agency to tell every Carer who was coming that it was required reading
as was the booklet I had made detailing almost every aspect of the daily routine specific to the Sufferer including their likes and dislikes etc.
It may help if you have Carers who are untrained by their Agency.
From Jane's recent experience detailed in " A Terrible Day" on the Tea Room Thread , it seems clear that not all Carers are trained by their Agencies.