If You Couldn't Laugh You'd Cry


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Aug 20, 2006
There's not much to smile about, but now that I've got used to it I have to admit that the tales my Dad comes up with at times make me smile now and then. Apparently -

He was in the Navy for eight years and during that time went to America, walked along the Great Wall of China, went to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Iceland, Norway and the bridge over the River Kwai!

When our family name was changed in the late 1800's (this is true) he was with the gentleman on the trip to London. Which makes Dad about 220 years old!

Apparently the Sikh gentleman he chats to sometimes when he passes by is going away to Bombay for a few weeks and has said Dad can go with him!

I wondered if anyone else had similar exeriences?

These days we just nod and say "oh that's nice" or something like that because Dad turns agressive if you point out he's talking nonsense! "I know what I'm talking about!" :rolleyes:


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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire
Hi Nebiroth
Yes My Mum tells some fantastic tales, for instance when trying to jog her memory before Christmas, I started of by saying Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus.
"Och aye" she says, "What's their other name again, I knew them well. Josey was his (my Dad) best pal":D YEAH RIGHT!! More like Francie and Josey, but it did make us laugh.

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
We were talking about my grandmother, who died in 1983 and would have been 116, if she were still alive.
When she was a young woman, her parents bought her a Sweet Shop as a small business, as she was the only one in the family who didn`t go on to Further Education.
We were having a laugh when I told everyoone the shop failed because she ate all the profits.
My husband contributed to the discussion by telling everyone how generous she was, because whenever he went in the shop she would let him help himself to sweets.

Nearly didn`t post this. On reflection, wonder if I`m making fun of him. Am I being over sensitive or do I need a humour transplant.


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Oct 19, 2006
I find some of the things my Mum says rather touching as well as making us smile.

She 'works at night as nurse looking after wounded airmen in the hospital' - a wheel barrow and garden equipment shed in the corner of the Care Home Garden. Because she isn't 'qualified', the staff don't like her doing this so she has to 'climb out of her window at night and run down the flower bed so they can't see her footprints'.

In reality, Mum was a WRAF wireless communications operator in contact with the Lancasters going out on raids during WW2 and the worst part of her job was when she lost morse contact with the 'boys' and wondered if their plane was down and not going to come home. I guess part of her mind is still with the injured airmen of her youth.


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Jul 2, 2006
Newport, Gwent
Hi Nebiroth

Sounds as if Dad is having a fine time with all his travels, got to be better than reality............wish I could escape to somewhere nice.........



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Mar 19, 2005
My husband's Nan (who sadly died nearly 3 years ago) suffered with dementia for all the time I knew her. One Christmas she repeatedly (and proudly) told us that the reason she couldn't walk very well was because she answered the door one day to two men who attacked her (unfortuantely, that part was true, a case of mistaken identity on their part!). However, the story then goes on to how they twisted her leg right off, and the doctors at the hospital had to sew it back on again ( a broken hip). The funny thing was after a sherry or two she was up dancing to Shania Twaine!!! A treasured memory of a lady I wish I had known longer.


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Jan 11, 2007
Its hard work

I know how hard it is to looking after people suffering from Alzheimers
and although its a terrible illness its the family how suffer more.
it never hurts to express yourself by postings some time it helps to share and put a smil back on your own face best wishes to all terry1


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Apr 19, 2006
My Mum died in October and she had Dementia for approx. 3 years. Obviously it is still very raw and we can cry and laugh within a few minutes. For example a letter from the tax man this morning regarding Mum.............and then this afternoon browsing on TP (which i still do even though mum is no longer here) and I have been smiling thinking about Mum when she watched TV. Mum used to see TV personalities and tell us that they used to work in the local Fish and Chip shop, or that she knew them from years ago when they all lived near her, this applied to most of the cast of the soaps on TV!! At first we would tell her that she recognised these people as she had seen them on TV - but she would'nt have it, so then we just used to agree with her and it made life much easier for all of us. We did have some explaining to do on occasions when there was a visitor.
We remember Mum with so much love and affection - and we have a standing joke now in the family when one of us will see a famous face on TV and can't remember the name - the answer from other members of the family is that the person must work in the local fish and chip shop - and we always smile at this and think of Mum. Hope you don't think we are being disrespectful or making light of others problems - just another way we remember a much loved Mum.
Take Care


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Mar 19, 2005
Hope you don't think we are being disrespectful or making light of others problems - just another way we remember a much loved Mum.
and what better way of remembering someone, there's no disrespect there at all.

Love Kate x.