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If we ban the word 'support'....


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Mar 15, 2020
they are supposed to be trained. and other training is mandatory every year. moving and handling, safeguarding, health and safety is the umbrella.if a person is to care for someone with dementia, they need to know something about the different types and the different typical characteristics. person-centred care most importantly.giving choice of clothes, meals and times that the person like to choose. yes i worked in a care home and yes i was well trained even in challenging behaviour. we were taught different dementias and the different techniques to try with challenging behaviour. i didnt for one minute know it all or pretend to know it all but i had a foundation to build on to be able to care for people to the best of my ability. how does anyone know if a person is healthy or not even if they have few medicines, i understand that doctors spend a lot of years to be qualified as a doctor and carers are not doctors or anywhere near a nurse. there are care qualifications which are needed.


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Aug 9, 2015
North West
I really should get in the car and go do some shopping but I wanted to just add a few comments.

I think in general the carers (husband, wife, brother, sister, children or friend) know the person they care for the best and that goes for any scenario not just dementia -why anyone in healthcare should not understand this I don't know. Health and social care today is not what it once was. As for training none of mums home carers had any -I checked. But this is not entirely a reflection on the carers at the frontline who are already cheap labour and pushed to work to time limits, this is also a reflection on the companies that employ them to do a job with no upskilling (in other words no investment in their employees). Some get by ok and others just don't seem to cut it, but we accept it because its 'help' and better than nothing.

You only have to dig deep into the threads on TP to find numerous examples of such issues. Yes its time it changed thats why many of us have been pushing for better dementia care nationally with recent promises to address the issues -well until Covid-19 arrived. Now that has again all been put on hold.