Identifying items - not clothes


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
When a loved one moves into a care home, it is often difficult to identify to staff just what items - shower gel, deodorant, shampoo, etc - belong to them.

The norm at Jan's home is for staff - or family - to scrawl the name on the item concerned.

This is not always effective, owing to the finish of the item concerned. Trying to write on a tin can be challenging!

I use a sticky label printer made by Brother - the P-touch 220. It produced labels that stick on anything other than clothes. [Jan's home has other specialist equipment for that]

Picture below:



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May 27, 2005
Great idea Bruce!

A lot better than trying to use a biro on something that the thing ain't intended for... especially carrier bags and other polythene or plastic coated surfaces.

Permanent markers are pretty handy too and cheap... especially the type used for writing on CDs/DVDs (for those people who cheekily copy and do their own) - usually you can get them that write finely.

I don't take one into work though - just in case it got mislaid and ended up making a PERMANENT mess of something (easily done and a beggar when you want to wipe it off and it won't) - but not bad for 'labelling' beforehand (i.e. at home) maybe.