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I wish to share


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Oct 8, 2014
Today it has been 5 months as I kissed my mother for the last time.
And I miss her.

I wish to share.
I wish to share some ideas which helped me
to cope with the problems,
to cope with the loss,

but which had to be applied in advance, before the end.
This is why I came to this "I care..." rather than "... dealing with loss"...

I put many photographs of my mother in her younger years in her room and around.
This helped me and the women I paid to aid me to see the whole life of my mother at once,
past and present, promises of the youth, maturity and recent day person.
Looking just at the weakened old face and body,
may allow one to forget that "inside" is the whole person
full with many successes and experiences and warmth and tons of giving and loving...

This helped me as well to accept the loss.
Seeing the rise and decline, but also the fullness of life, all in the same time.

Also, as I might have spoken before,
thanking, many many words of gratitude,
and many many many hugs and kisses, whenever possible,
this helped me,
this helped my mother,
this makes me calmer now, I believe, although it is difficult to grasp
that the loss is final,
and nothing can be reversed anymore.

This is why some softness and meekness and submissivness was good for me.

Excuse me for writing, please.

I wish you patience.
And I wish to thank for the many moments of support I received here.

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Sep 5, 2014
Thank you for sharing it with us .... I thought what you said when I kissed my Mum tonight ... You are right we have to cherish every moment now....and have to have more and more strength and patience every day...and night. Thinking of you, your post helped me to be a little bit more stronger, thank you.

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