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I think my partners mum is in the early stages of dementia


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Mar 7, 2015
I'm new to this site but have a similar worry.
My partners mum was starting to lose her memory prior to being really ill and ending up in hospital with pneumonia. Once home her memory is deteriorating, she gets confused and often repeats things. She suffers from emphysema and diabetesMy partner recently accompanied her to the GP, he upped her medication as her sugar levels are still high and referred her to a memory clinic. We are worried she lives on her own, how long is the waiting list for the memory clinic and how can we support her.


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Nov 9, 2009
Hi samsam,and a warm welcome to you here on Talking Point:) glad you have found us and there is lots of information, support and understanding which may help you.
So sorry you have concerns on your mum in law but great that you have -so to speak-"got the ball rolling" in getting her seen by her GP,with the blood sugar levels not as good as they could be, that may add to these new problems, and she needs to recover from being so poorly,try to keep a note on any changes you are concerned about and keep her doctor well informed, you are being supportive in just acknowledging there is a problem and that can be so hard-memory clinic appointments vary depending in what area you live in, for my mum it was about 6 weeks and roughly the same for my mum in law, but do have a chat with her doctor regarding your worries on her living on her own and they may do a referral to social services for an assessment to see if there is anything practical that can help her, you can contact SS direct but from experience,if a request is from a doctor it can speed things up somewhat!
Please keep posting,there is usually someone around here whatever the time of day:D
Take care

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