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I think I’m living in the Twilight Zone!


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May 7, 2019
Got home to mum’s tonight.(I’m there for the next 3 nights as doing day duty with dad.) I got greeted with” All the programmes are on the wrong times”! I looked at her clock and said”You haven’t moved the clocks back” Then it was the it’s not time . I had to remind her that they had gone back an hour last night. So we were able to sit and watch her programmes. I love watching A and E . All about people especially with heart failure. Just what I need with 2 parents both in heart failure!

It took mum 15 mins to work out how to change her mobiles time...She just couldn’t get it.. Very confused tonight!


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
It can be unreal and exasperating, can't it?

Right in front of my wife's chair is a sideboard with a clock that tells the day and date as well as the time, a mobile thermostat with the time and date as well as temperature, a calendar and a home made notice with the day and daily events on it - all within 2ft of her nose. Despite all that being in front of her, my wife decided to cry because she couldn't figure out the day and date.

I sometimes wonder if it would help if I just joined in with a good cry too!:rolleyes:


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Nov 26, 2018
Portsmouth, South Coast
I bought my OH one of those nice big clocks from the Alz Soc ... the clock shows the time (large ) and date / day / month / year (small). The cooker shows the time. There's a little tick-tock clock by the TV. I also got one of those desktop things that one presses and it says the time. He has at least two decent watches that are constantly being peered at in disbelief and misread. Forget the talking watch - it was being messed up on a daily basis by having the wrong buttons pressed and then, thankfully, it gave up the ghost after being doused in the shower.
What is this preoccupation with time, for heaven's sake? I feel like the speaking clock!


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Feb 15, 2019
My Dad was the same, but it's easing off as his in ability to tell the time progresses. He still has two clocks and 4 watches in his room. But although he knows he needs them for something, he is really not sure what now. We never ever mention clocks going back or forward after a couple of years ago he spent a fortnight panicking about it, changing them every hour and getting very confused about medication and meal times. Now we just sneak in and change them when he is not looking. It's much easier.