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I suspect my father may be struggling with dementia...


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Dec 15, 2012
hi @AztecCamera87
the rules for funding care fees while still living at home are different from when in a care home (then the thresholds come into effect) and are down to the LA ... however they should do a proper assessment and explain the results
and YOU definitely should not be asked to pay for anything, everything that is linked to your dad's care should be paid from his finances

let them know that your dad is requiring care during the night, as that's really what begins to lead to a need for residential care ... and qualifies for the higher rate of Attendance Allowance

your dad being on the floor is a worry ... take care in getting him back up and in bed, ideally you should have help, even a call out to paramedics ... you risk an injury to both of you, stress that to the LA

maybe contact Admiral Nurses also


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Mar 12, 2019
Had two missed calls on my mobile from the Council this week, it's very annoying as the phone number that comes up has no extenstion (just the generic council number) and they don't leave messages explaining who it is. So when I called back the person I spoke to explained that without me knowing who tried to call, they can't help. argh.


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Mar 12, 2019
It was my dad's birthday earlier this week, neither of my older brothers sent a card, which is rather annoying, especially as i have ensured a card and gift 'from dad'. I don't see why i need to remind either. Dad enjoyed opening thing, or rather me and my sister opening things for him and looking at the cards he got. Although he forgot an hour later, he still had fun in the moment.

Dads balance is getting worse, and we cant get him to stand up with a frame at all now with out support, needs two people with all changes pretty much now, although ive had to do it on my own once or twice.

He seems to have an iron grip though, prying things from his hand is difficult, and sometimes he really holds firm when i hold his hand for his comfort when hes at his most anxious. It's odd as i thought grip weakened with dementia?

His arms are becoming more rigid when changing, and the deadweighting becoming more frequent. Poos more frequent, and the smell a bit odd... more like the smell of baby poo? Doctor has perscribed some fibre powder, not really seen much difference except for being less runny.