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I need advice


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Nov 26, 2014
My husband has fairly advanced Alzheimers and an indwelling catheter. However, he still wants to go to the loo. I have been told that I should not let him as this pulls at the catheter and pulls it out of position. We have had lots of instances of blocked or displaced catheters, usually at 2-3am! He is still cute enough to wait until my back is turned to take himself off to the loo! If I am there I ask him not to go and explain why, mentioning the District nurses having to sort him out which he dislikes. He gets very aggressive about it which upsets me. He tells me I am always moaning, and that it is all about me. I understand that, but I wonder if anyone has similar experiences and ways I can cope with it. He is waiting for a Prostrate operation, but this may still be weeks or months away.a