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Nov 13, 2005
Chelmsford, Essex
Hi everybody i'm new to this. My mother is having problems. She has had tests for alzheimers which are negative. There is clearly a problem and my father is sometimes at the end of his tether. She thinks theres nothing wrong but people around her know there is.
How do you get diagnosed for this complaint ?
Alzheimer's ? Dementia ? How do you differentiate and get to root of problem.

From a concerned son


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Mar 23, 2005
Hi The Printer,

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Perhaps the best place to read about getting a diagnosis is on the Alzheimer's Society's main web site. There is a section devoted to that topic :


I think most people start with an appointment with their GP. It's usually quite important that another relative or friend goes along as well to make sure that the GP gets a true picutre (this may also be done by letter prior to the appointment).

Do you know exactly what medical appointments she has had (and who has gone with her to them) and what tests have been done?

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Jan 31, 2004
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Hello The Printer

can you say what the problems are, as far as you know?
Alzheimer's ? Dementia ? How do you differentiate and get to root of problem.
Alzheimers IS a dementia. The differentiation is done by the consultant, though there is a certain common thread of basic symptoms with most dementias.

You don't really ever get to the root of the problem, as such, as no-one knows what causes it. You just find out what is the best way to treat the symptoms and keep the patient safe.

As Sandy says, the GP is the first step.