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    Oct 5, 2017
    Hi. My name is Julie. I9 months ago i moved inwith my mum who has onset Alzheimers paired with vascular dementia. I am 57 and have just had to sell my home as Mum doesnt want to leave her home. I had 88,000 still owing on my property so could not afford the mortgage and only 20k equity. I have given up full time work to go part time at a loss of over 8000 per annum. My partner has had to move in with his dad. I have 4 siblings but nobody wanted to move in with mum.
    I feel bereaved already at the loss of my home and partner. I also worry badly about my future as i no longer have my own property.
    Mum would like me to stay in her house as security for me but i dont know how to go about this so all is legal and above board. I dont want to own mums house, just to have a little security of somewhere to live. I could dp with some advice.
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