I Miss My Mum


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Dec 26, 2003
Letting out steam is very helpful, I used to keep a diary on the computer, which helped me revisit good and bad days. Unfortuanately a 'professional' wiped the computer's hard disc so I lost it all. (He was being paid to back it all up!). Sort of ironic really.

Fortunately the bits I remember most clearly of those terrible years are the ones when Mum was at her most articlate. The times when she was screaming in fury and frustration I remember more as a feeling but without the detail. When I look back at those times when she was expressing anger and despair, I wish I'd learnt earlier that reasoning with her was pointless but that a simple statement acknowleging that it was unfair and we were all in pain and offering a hug was helpful for us both.

I think this forum is probably more help in the short term than just a diary but if you copy that wonderful description of what your Mum said it might help you put the disease in perspective in the long run. I'm sure I heard some of my mother's wisest words when she was at her most advanced stage. Whether this was because I'd started listening properly or whether when the clouds lifted she made a huge effort to make sense of things I don't know, but those words and feelings (written down by me at the time) are precious to me now she's gone.

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