I Hope You're All Looking After Yourselves As Far As Covid Is Concerned


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Jan 5, 2014
I haven't tested for a couple of weeks.

I have been going to the office at least weekly and we were asked to test, many of my son's fencing events required testing and even those that didn't we tested for.

As restrictions eased and neighbours/friends visited or we went to theirs we tested beforehand as they did.

My understanding is that effectively at this point in time covid is no worse than flu, in fact the deaths this winter from covid have been less than the last bad flu winter in I think 2018 (I was aware of several people that died then)

I think some of the lesson we should learn is to take flu more seriously and give it a bit of respect.

Whilst my mum isn't in a care home (yet) I haven't visited her when I have had a cold in the last 6 years as I didn't want to pass it on to her when she was frail. Keeping ourselves to ourselves when we have bugs is perhaps the way to go.

Virus shedding if you are asymptomatic is fairly low, so unless someone is in a confined unventilated space with you for a length of time the risk is fairly low. If there was testing for colds, flu and other viruses many asymptomatic cases would be picked up.

The risks from covid are no worse than the risks of many other infections that circulate in a normal winter at this point in time.

This could all change if a new variant comes along, but until then I think this is as good as it'll get and we have to make our choices as to how we live with it.

nae sporran

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Oct 29, 2014
Oh no @nae sporran. I do hope C will be ok & one of the lucky ones who are able to shake it off. My sister had covid at Xmas & is still coughing. This was my concern about lifting restrictions & putting the responsibility on general public to test themselves & self isolate with no mandatory rules in place other than for certain occupations 😡
I have just read that in my county we have had 11 covid deaths this week with several currently in hospital. The reported covid positives has more than doubled & that’s only those who have tested. My B in Law us currently ill with a cold & is negative but in view of the above comments from @jaymor im going to suggest he does a couple more tests.
Thank you, Moggymad. Sorry your sister is still suffering.