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I have early onset Alzheimer’s


New member
Mar 2, 2022
Hi my name is Lesley I’m 52 years old and was Diagnosed with early on set Alzheimer’s when I was 51. I am still coming to terms with my new diagnosis. I lost my husband to cancer in April 2020 (52). I’m still grieving for him and now I have to deal with this . I have two daughters who are 28 and 16 who are fantastic support to me .I feel very angry and keep saying why does this have to happen to me …

nae sporran

Volunteer Host
Oct 29, 2014
Hullo and welcome, Lesley @Scob. That is a horrible double blow, sorry you have had to go through so much. We have a knowledgeable and supportive community here including many who others who have been diagnosed with Dementia, so you are among friends.

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
Hello Lesley @Scob Welcome from me too.

This is a dreadful diagnosis for you so soon after losing your husband as well. It makes me wonder how much people are expected to deal with.

I do hope you`ll get the support and comfort you need from the forum. It won`t make the dementia go away but I hope it will help you feel less isolated.


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Oct 18, 2019
Hi Lesley
I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis and as a carer of a husband with dementia I cannot pretend to know how you are feeling. The double blow of losing your husband as well must be devastating.

I hesitate a bit to recommend this to you when you are understandably so upset and angry but it might be worth reading Wendy Mitchell's books when/if you are able to concentrate - or maybe they would be helpful for your daughters to read. Wendy is a single divorced parent of two daughters who was diagnosed with dementia at least 6 years ago in her fifties and still lives on her own and independently - She has campaigned for dementia and written books and podcasts (with the help of an editor). They are both positive and informative and although she is totally opposite to my husband, who ignores his dementia , I still found the books helpful in understanding the condition.

I am so glad that you have 2 supportive daughters and I hope that you will find other support to help you through this awful time for you. You still have a life to live even though I'm sure it does not seem so at the moment. I wish you all the good wishes I can - that is all I can do unfortunately but I will be thinking of you as I'm sure will others who read your post.

Happy Hampton

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Feb 22, 2022
Welcome, Lesley, I’m Jeana. It’s sad you lost your husband at such a young age. It’s a good thing you were diagnosed early. By the time I got mine I was already stage 4. I read a lot of research by reputable sites and for me, that helps.
If you have any questions, about anything, these wonderful people can help you. Peace. 🌹


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Apr 1, 2021
South West
Hi Lesley, I am Sam. a 51 yr old man diagnosed with early Alzheimers 2 year ago. I am realy sorry you lost your husband and have early onset too. That is very tough. I try to focus on what i still can still do and on being active and pushing myself a bit, but not too hard. I do more of what i love and less of what i don’t these days. I am trying be to be realistic and i ask for help when needed. But i still love my family and friends and feel loved back, so i try to find ways to smile or laugh when i am having a bad day. It sounds like you are much loved by your daughters. I hope that gives you reason to do more of wht you love and that they give you a reason to smile if not laugh rvery day. Takr care and reach out on the good aswell as the bad days.

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