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I feel like I'm going mad


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Apr 6, 2018
OK - The SW is assuming that your mum will be self-funding and the house will have to be sold to pay for her care home fees.

I know that you have MH problems, but are you registered disabled ie are you receiving PIP or DVA? If so, then you do not have to leave the house as it will be disregarded from your mums financial assessment. Even if you are not getting PIP/DLA (and I am assuming here that you are under 60 yrs old), because you have lived there all your life and have MH problems, you would stand a really good chance of the house getting discretionary disregard. Please do not leave the house once your mum has moved into a care home and get some advice from Citizens Advice
I'm a little confused, who owns the house, @Nightshade01 or the social worker?