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I feel driven up wall


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Nov 24, 2019
I'm 37 and my Mum is 73. I had problems with my mum which started in summer 2015. She had started to become overbearing and nagging at me. And sometimes I get really upset and stressed out because of this. Two of my mum's older brother's have dementia and had to go into a care home. My grandad also had dementia. My mum had an assessment last year and the doctor confirmed it is memory loss she has and is now taking medication. Sometimes I'm annoyed with her nagging and then she has a go at me telling me to get off her back. The other day she came to me twice to show me her vaccination ticket, I told her she had shown it before and she agitated saying that I am nagging her.


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Sep 6, 2017
Yes it is very wearing but she probably can't help it. Sometimes it is best to just go along with her as an easy option as it is less stressful for both of you. Always agree (unless it is impossible) and if you can't agree, change the subject, defer or delay.

There is a very helpful thread on here somewhere called 'Compassionate communication' or something like that but I am not sure where it is. Hopefully someone else will post it on here for you. It explains a lot and gives you ways to cope with the repetition without making your mum or whoever it is feel frustrated with themselves.


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Feb 25, 2014
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