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I dread the phone ringing ......

sue k

Registered User
Jun 26, 2007
warrington cheshire
Why is it that when the phone rings my heart skips a beat ......... always thinking its going to be bad news, probably because it is of late .

Well today the phone goes and it was the nursing home, my heart sank , what now i thought.

"Dont worry" said the jovial nurse in charge" its just that we've found your dad straddling an elderly lady on the floor with his hands firmly around her neck" !!!!!!!!!

Dont worry ! what else am i supposed to do when im told he is getting more agressive and he's been put on a 1-1 watch.

So now there are checks to see if he has another urinary tract infection, yet more antibiotics
and then an increase in drugs to keep him calm

but hey, dont worry
Please dont let the phone ring for a while ,


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
sue k said:
"Dont worry" said the jovial nurse in charge" its just that we've found your dad straddling an elderly lady on the floor with his hands firmly around her neck" !!!!!!!!!
Oh dear, Sue. What tact school was that nurse thrown out of?

Of course you're going to worry. Let's hope it is an infection, at least that can be cleared up quite quickly.

I hope your phone doesn't ring again this evening.

Love and hugs,


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Aug 9, 2005
Dear Sue,

I'm so sorry to hear this. Keeping my fingers crossed that your phone remains blissfully silent for a LONG period!

Your post reminds me of a similar one I received from my son's Scout leader:
"Mrs. S, I don't want to worry you but we've just sent M. to hospital in an ambulance. We think he has a broken neck." :eek: :eek: :eek:

He did have a "broken neck" but very fortunately, he healed well (ah, to be a teenager!) and has suffered no further ill effects.

I sincerely hope that the new "regime" for caring for your Dad is able to prevent any further outbreaks of aggression. Sending you caring wishes.


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Apr 29, 2007
Oh that phone....

Hi Sue

I do sympathise - what is it with us carers? The phone ringing never used to worry me - but now my heart lurches everytime the phone rings - particularly if it's an early or a late call.

"One to one" will hopefully avoid any repeat of a similar incident but to put a positive slant on it - if your Dad has one to one attention - they will he keeping a close eye on him for everything (which is something to be grateful for.) Dad was given one to one after a number of falls he had in his first 2 days at the assessment unit & I had "firm discussions" with senior staff when they wanted to withdraw this a few days later (due to staff shotages) - as I firmly believed at that time that he was still "at risk" of falling.

The nurse in question was pretty tactless with her call - she obviously has no empathy with what it would be like to be on the receiving end of such a call herself......

Thinking of you


Gill x


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Jun 27, 2006
I find the early morning one particularly bad: everyone in my immediate family is home, it's too early (or it should be :rolleyes: ) for telemarketers so that leaves the nursing home, although they're pretty good at saying first "there's nothing wrong".