I Curse this illness


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Mar 27, 2006
Hi all i was out on Wednesday with my partner Leanne Christmas shopping and it really hit me hard looking at shops like Thorntons and thinking mum loved that but now i cant buy it for her as she is unable to eat it. Then i was thinking what can i buy her ? I ended up getting her a night gown some slippers and a teddy as she still responds to things like that. It was like every point just hit me

Then in the evening i was wrapping the gifts and i wrote on mums to Mum ill always love you and think of you always and that set me off crying. God im 29 and still crying like a baby
it just still hurts when i think mum you're 52 for god sake.

I know im not the only person that this curse has hit but i know one thing we all suffer dont we.

Merry Christmas all



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Jul 31, 2007
Hi Mark,
Although this herrendous illness is there everyday and we have to get through and deal with things the best we can.. On days like Mother/Father's Day,Birthdays, Anniversary, Christmas it is a double hurt. So you are 29 that does not mean you cannot cry for your Mum after all you love her and don't like what she is suffering from. Yes, you see that life has robbed you of something, it has -your Mum. As for Thorton's chocs a woman after my own heart. One thing ths illness cannot take away from us if our love .
I wish you the very best. Christine


Dear Mark

Don't worry about crying at the age of 29. Shows you've got a big heart and a big love for your Mum. I'm 29 plus 29 plus .... well, I'd better stop there - and I cry still. And I have a big teddy bear collection too - and I love chocolates. Just shows that we're all in this one together.

Take care of yourselves, and keep on caring. Your Mum is still and always will be your Mum, and you'll always be her son.



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May 14, 2006
I've been feeling very sad, because this is the first Christmas after my Mum died in May this year, aged 82 years. It seems as if everywhere I go to shop, there are Mums and daughters shopping together and lots of elderly looking people pushing shopping trolleys around and being very independent. I remember the times I took Mum out when she was well and the good times we had together.

Then on Monday, I felt very humbled when I met a mother with a very young boy in a special wheelchair. He seemed quite a bright, lively child and his mother was struggling with a trolley and guiding the wheelchair at the same time. When she apologized for being in the way of other shoppers, I felt so sorry for her. It must be so hard to care for a disabled child and also very tiring.

Perhaps I should feel grateful that Mum spent most of her life fully mobile and was only wheelchair bound for the last year or so. I must try to look on the positive side of things and not the negative side.

Although Mum is no longer with us, she is now at peace and free from pain and suffering.

Wishing you all a very special Christmas this year and hope for the future.



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Mar 1, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
hi mark,
you and your mum are MUCH TOO YOUNG to be struck down by this horrible disease.
you are crying for good reason, for your loss and your mums decline.
as you are aware, you and your mums loss will worsen.
every few months there will likely to be more losses.
its enough to make anyone cry, especially at christmas.
merry christmas to you too.