I cant understand


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Mar 27, 2006
The other thing i cant get my head round is why the home have took mum off all medication. Surley this cant be a good thing. I may make some enemys on here but with all the latest developments mum may needing a tube in her stomach to feed her how much weight she's lost and all these other things id sooner mum be a piece i feel she's being used as a guinea pig im so angry and confused its really getting to me i keep bottling it all in and im worried one day im gonna snap my sister is so low and depressed about it all. Mums brother dont seem that bothered and mums brother and sister live about 15 mins away from the home my auntie her sister is bad with arthritis and has not seen mum for 3 months and my uncle her brother just dont seem bothered. Since My grandad died 7 years ago my family has turned into a mess. all i feel like now is its me and my sister my uncle has loads of video footage of mum how she used to be and ive asked,asked,asked,asked and asked and get fobbed off all the time theres so much i could tell you all about my effot of a family. they make me sick and when the day comes mum is not here i will have lots of words to say to them and then i vow i will never bother with any of them ever again.



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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Mark, you're not making any enemies. There is often a discussion here about whether a PEG should be fitted when someone has AD. It's a difficult decision, whether the sufferer should be kept alive in this way, or whether it is better to let nature take its course. It's a very personal decision.

I don't think your mum is being used as a guinea pig, the PEG is a recognised treatment when someone won't or can't eat. I think the problem is that they would have asked your step-father as next of kin if he wanted this, and presumably he has agreed. You may not agree with that decision, but unless you can persuade him to change his mind, I don't think there is anything you can do.

I understand how upset you are about the videos of your mum. Perhaps you could offer to pay to have them copied? Memories like that are so valuable, and I'm sure you would treasure them. Try not to get too angry, though I understand how upset you are.