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Apr 10, 2006
To all my friends at TP

Once again i would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone for all their support over the last two months, you really don't know how much help you have all been.

Ray died about 4 hours ago (Sunday 11/06/06 at 10.35pm)

After horrific suffering he is now at peace, its been such a long, long road but i'm just pleased that i was there to see him start his journey. It broke my heart to leave him in that room and i know i will never get over it, but what will keep me going is knowing that i am the luckiest person on this planet!

I am lucky because i have known and loved the Kindest, Wittiest, Charming, Handsome, Tender, Thoughtful, Strong, Caring man to have ever walked this planet and i am so, so, so lucky that he chose me! I am so proud of him, he is and always will be my hero and i hope to aspire to being just a fraction of the person he was.

Towards the end Ray was having great trouble breathing as he was drowning in the fluid on his lungs and the doctors tried to clear some of the fluid with a suction tube, well thats exactly how i feel at the moment, as though someone has put a suction tube inside of me and sucked everything out! I am sure it will be a long time before i will feel as though life has something to offer, but my fight is over now and i just hope i can fill the void he has left.
I have loved him since i was 18 and I know i have some dark days ahead of me but i also have beautiful memories and hopefully that will help me through.

I only had a small insight into vascular dementia but through that i met you all and that shows that good can come out of bad.

I would like to keep in touch with TP as i feel we all have something in common.

Many thanks
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Jun 24, 2004
Dearest Alex,

I was so sorry to read your letter, I have been following your recent journey and was so very sorry to read that Ray has passed away.

My thought and prayers are with you at this very sad time.

With very best wishes.



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Mar 15, 2006
My thoughts are with you at this very sad time.
Having lost my Dad to this awful disease last Wednesday I know how you are feeling. Look after yourself and try to stay strong and positive.





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May 24, 2006
tingewick, bucks.
Dear Alex,

I am so sorry to hear your sad news.
Just want you to know you're in my thoughts and prayers and hang on to all those wonderful memories of Ray; they'll help keep you going through this exceptionally sad time.

Jan xxx

Michael E

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Apr 14, 2005
Ronda Spain
Alex I am so sorry - so sad for you. It sounds like he was a wonderful man and you loved each-other deeply - that is really special.



Dave W

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Jul 3, 2005


so sorry to hear your very sad news. And glad to hear you have so many glorious memories - even when we cannot share all of our lives with them, it's the other people in our lives (and the sharing of life with them) that is such a part of our fortune. Yours sound like a treasure chest, and I hope you will continue to cherish them.

Please keep in touch with us, and let us know how you are getting on.

Very best wishes, and you're in my thoughts.



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Jul 15, 2005
I can only add my heart felt sorrow for you loss. Please keep in touch as this journey is long and we can all use the advice of someone that has traveled this road before us. I know there are no words that can really help, but in time I hope your night turns to day and your sorrows to joy .
God Bless,


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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex

I am sorry to hear of the sad loss of your beloved Ray., he will now be at peace and whole again.

I am pleased you can look back with such positive thoughts of a treasured person. He was lucky to have chosen you, too, and will always be around you, just a thought away.

God bless. Keep in touch.



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May 14, 2006
Dear Alex,
I am so sorry to hear that your beloved Ray has finally lost his struggle for life, but at least he is now at peace. I've been thinking and praying for you both and I'm glad that you have so many positive memories of a loving husband. Please keep in touch with us on TP. My father's name was Raymond and recently I've been thinking of the time in July 2000, when he died in hospital. Afterwards there was a feeling of calm and peace in the room, which I shall never forget. Look after yourself and take care,
Best wishes from


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Mar 13, 2006

im so sorry to hear your sad news, may you find the strength and courage to get you through this.
thankyou for sharing your story with us all, and hope you continue to post from time to time.
look after yourself now,
thinking of you


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May 14, 2006
Happy for you

Alex I reiterate all the above sentiment and feel your deep relief to know Ray has finished his agonising journey. I know the love you speak of so well and I know it the only thing that gets me through each minute of every day. I'm sure you know Ray left that room arm in arm with you.
Yes please keep in touch with us all on TP.
God bless.

Tender Face

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Mar 14, 2006
NW England
Dear Alex,

So sorry to hear your news.

You have shown such stamina, bravery and honesty - and in the midst of your desperate situation had the grace to give inspiration to others, for which thank you.

Your 'friends on TP' will be here when you need them.

With love, Karen, x


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May 20, 2006
North East
I was so saddened to hear your news Alex. What a lovely letter - you must have had some very happy years together.


Nutty Nan

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Nov 2, 2003
Dear Alex,
I am so very sorry to read of your loss, and amazed at your inner strength to already think yourself the luckiest person for the special bond you have shared with Ray. Your positive attitude will see you through this tough time, and I pray that the happy memories will soon outshine the dark shadows of recent weeks and months.
Take care of yourself!


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Apr 10, 2006
I would just like to thank everyone for their kind replies, today has been one of those very dark days for me, things seem to be hitting home now, however, your messages and kind words have helped a great deal.

I know i deserve whatever comes my way as i had plenty of time to adjust and chose not too, but i just could not give up the fight. Don't mean to sound sorry for myself, i'm not, i know whats ahead and i will face it, its just very hard, but thanks for your support.

Many thanks
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