Husband in hospital

Linda Mc

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Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
Just got home after spending 5 hours at the hospital.

We had been out to collect some theatre tickets and went by train for a change...everything seemed ok but on the way back Vic suddenly said he felt hot and took his coat off.. then he collapsed looked a bit blue ...whilst I was trying to get a response from him and at the same time attract the guards attention he vomited and came round. (No help at all on the train think they thought he was drunk!)

I managed to clean him up and the next train stop was off sat in the fresh air a few minutes and came home. I contacted the Dr and he said he would see him right away...after that he sent him straight to hospital. Soon after we arrived he vomited again and again. He has had all the usual tests is on a drip and having a scan in the morning.

Now I am left here hoping he copes being in hospital and feeling very lonely.



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Nov 28, 2005
So sorry to hear your news - what a worry for you. Keep us posted - you are bound to be worried but just hope you can get some rest tonight. Take care, thoughts with you. Beckyjan


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Feb 24, 2006
Sorry to hear about this Linda. You must have got such a fright. I hope Vic is OK and doesn't need to stay in hospital too long. There do seem to be a lot of 'bugs' going around so it could be this is one of them. Keep in touch and let us know how things go.


Linda Mc

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Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
Thanks Beckyjan and Brenda you don't know how good it feels to know someone out there is listening.

Linda x


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Jun 27, 2006
Gosh Linda, what a worry.

The only thing I would say is that if he feels really poorly, he'll probably do OK in hospital, as he'll be pretty weak. I think it's worse for them when they start to feel better, but don't understand or remember where or why they are there. It does sound an awful lot like a bug: my son's just had something similar: fine one moment, hot and green the next. Of course, he's a strapping 17 yo so no worries with him.

Keep us posted.



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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Dear Linda

So sorry you've got this worry. It must have been a nightmare when he collapsed on the train. I can't believe that no-one came to help you.

Let's hope the others are right, and it's just a bug.

Try to get a good night's sleep -- difficult I know

Love and hugs,

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Linda,
Oh dear, what an ordeal. It`s a sad sign of the times that no one offered to help you. If you`re worried, phone the hospital to see how he is. He`s probably fast asleep.
It doesn`t take long to feel lonely does it. How many carers wish for a few hours by themselves, to do what they would choose, rather than what they must, but when push comes to shove, it doesn`t work.
I hope everything will be Ok. Sleep well. Love Sylvia x


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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire
Hi Linda
Sorry about your husband being ill, try not to worry too much, easier said then done, I know.
Try to get a good nights sleep and hopefully, it is just a bug and things will be better tomorrow,