Hunt the faeces


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Dec 21, 2008
Middlesex, UK
Hi, having read your experience with hunt the faeces I decided I must share my experience with you. My Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimers 2 years ago age 69. I'll try to cut a long story short. She was cared for at home for a year by carers twice a day and I was doing as much as I could. I have four children and it put a real strain on looking after them and my marriage being on-call 24 hours a day. Mum became very agressive towards me and it got to the stage where she didn't want me to do anything so thank God for the carers. It became quite obvious she couldn't look after herself and she started walking the streets in her nightdress, having bad delusions, hiding rotten food, and faeces anywhere she could. The smell was awful and I couldn't take the children to see her. She ended up being sectioned under the mental health act - it was the only way to get her into hospital because I knew she wouldn't go but for her own safety she had to. She has now been in a care home for a year. She is with many other people in the same condition, she is much happier and I know she is being looked after and fed well. She is no longer hostile towards me and I know it was the best thing to have done. When she was at home she didn't see anyone apart from me and the carers and she is now being simulated with many different activities. I admire you for wanting to care for your Mum but she will only get worse. The are so many different stages of Alzheimers and it must be putting a real strain on your family. You have children and it is hard for them to understand. I know that you will feel guilty as I did if you put her in a home and only you will know when the time is right but she will be looked after by experienced people and she will be safe. Once they start wandering then danger is a reality. She could be attacked or run over. Think very carefully about it but it won't show a weakness on your part. Just that you are only human and have a family of your own to care for. Your realationship with her would probably improve as you aren't worrying about the hygiene side of things and can just spend quality time with her - hope this helps.