Human Rights link and psych carers dementia site link

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Thank you chip.

I was unable to download the first link, there was an error. The second link looks interesting and informative and I have put it in Favourites to read properly later.

How are thigs with you and your husband?

Love xx


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Jul 19, 2005
Thanks Jennifer it is.Things still not good. I still don't no what money i will be let with. At least i have got Christmas presents for everyone.I'm glad this year is almost over its been the worst yet. But when i found these sites it helped me. Can't wait now to fire the Human Rights Act at a Social Worker :)The other site was good as well as it says about carers own health. As mine as been ignored by Social Services. I hope 2008 will be a turning point for us all.And we fire all the Acts, Rights etc at the authorities.
I hope you all have a good a Christmas as you can.


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Oct 14, 2007
carers human rights

My patient - I am not going to refer to him as partner any more because that seems to put one into a straitjacket of responsibilities- has just been granted a day care place for one session a week. The social worker who interviewed me said I could not get respite care, or a sitter service or domestic help, or a referral to the charity Crossroads because I would not agree to haveing them assess my finances. I contacted the Alzheimer's Society about this, and here is the information I received:-

RE: legal challengeþ
From: Wilcox, Sara (
Sent: 10 January 2008 10:17:04
To: (me)
Social services ought not to be asking to assess your means under any circumstances, especially not with regard to Crossroads who are a voluntary organisation.
Sara Wilcox
Legal and Welfare officer
Alzheimer's Society
Devon House, 58 St Katharine's Way, London E1W 1JX
T: 020 7423 3530 F: 020 7423 3501
Leading the fight against dementia

So I will be complaining about the inadequate social service. Not sure whether to go first through official complaints procedure. On the whole, I think not, because I don't want them ticking boxes and circulating their pieces of paper to each other and wearing me out further. Best course for me, I think is to study the sites for which this thread had provided links then get some independent advice on how to go about demanding (no longer asking for) my rights. I imaagine my local Age Concern might be a good first stop and pointer to good legal help.


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Oct 14, 2007

Sorry Sarah. I did not think the information was private just because it was addressed to me in answer to a communication of mine so I did not think to ask permission to quote a piece of legal information. My aim was to publicise useful information, and naming my source was my grateful acknowledgement of help from an officer of the Alzheimer's Society.


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Oct 14, 2007

I should now add that I have received a letter from the team manager at the initial access team informing me that the local Adult Care Services do not need any of my financial information and respect my right to privacy. On some occasions they would need financial information about Jim to ensure he is charged fairly for services.
This letter arrived following my interview descibed above,not as a result of the legal advice I received from the the Alzheimers Society as I have not yet quoted it to social services, so the wrong information I was given at the assessment interview was quickly amended. I am still not sure how the assessment process will proceed and if any real help will be forthcoming, but this seems like a bit of progress and I am happy to acknowledge it.


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Jun 27, 2006
Towncrier - I'm glad they back-pedaled on that. However, it makes me so cross - 90% of people would just assume the social worker knew what they were talking about and fold without even questioning their right to do this.