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Hubby getting moved again today


Registered User
Jul 19, 2005
Well just found out. The hospital he is in are moving him back today to the hospital and same ward he was in last year. They are at present waiting on an ambulance to take him. This is the ward that said he was stable and didnt qualify for continuing care.They will see a great difference in him. Wish i could be there when he arrived there. Fuel is getting scarce here with the refinerary strike this weekend. I'm just having to keep my fingers crossed he will settle again.


Registered User
Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Chip

I hope Robert settles well in the new (old!) hospital.

This refinery strike is a nuisance isn't it? I hope I'll be able to get enough petrol to continue my visits to John, it's just marginally too far to walk.



Registered User
Mar 7, 2004
Dear Chip, I do hope everything goes well for you both.
Stay strong, and please keep us in the loop. Thinking of you.

I worry about the petrol too Hazel, although it has not hit this area yet. Lionel is 25 miles away from me, in a village not well served by public transport.

Takes me 45 minutes to drive across - goodness only knows how I would get there without my car. (Stay there I guess);)


Registered User
Jul 19, 2005
Just found out he has just arrived at the other hospital (11.00 this morning). They are getting the doc to check him out and are going to phone me.


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Jul 19, 2005
My son went in with his clothes. He was told he has already had a fall. He has 2 nurses beside him now.One said to him that she knew him from the last time he was there and there is a great difference in 4 months in him.He was still trying to get up and walk but they have to keep him in the chair as he is too weak and the co ordination has gone, he was getting angry. I'm going to try and go in next week (if we have fuel)


Registered User
Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Dear Chip,

This must be so hard for you.

I hope Robert will be ok.

Also hope the petrol strike doesn't bite too hard and you'll manage to visit soon.

Am thinking about you both...

Love gigi xx

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