Hubby cant take any more


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Apr 26, 2006
We are desperate how can they take loft down while hubby watches it will destroy him it seems like they are making a president with us and digging their
heals in
there is a loft in the same place as us next door but the word is that was done --------years ago quote laws have changed


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May 24, 2006
Actually if next door have an identical loft conversion they should not force you to remove yours

If you went to a planning appeal next doors loft would be a material consideration

I accept that Council policies on such things may have changed but doubt they have changed that much

Since all the permitted development rights are being radicaly changed as of Jan 2007 be very sure to point this out because if they force you to take it down now you can replace it next year without problem

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Pat Davies on there knows all about planning law