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HRT 'might ward off Alzheimer's'


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Sep 27, 2006

I was on very low dosage HRT for about 20 years to try to slow down osteoporosis. When we came back to England 3 years ago, the GP stopped it immediately, telling me that the risks of breast cancer were too great. I was sorry as I felt it had stood me in good stead in keeping me in good general health all those years. Since coming off HRT, I have definately lost some of my energy. I can't say for sure if this loss of energy is because of not taking HRT or if it is as a result of the many stresses and strains which have happened over the last few years.


Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
I don't know how much faith to pin on this. My mother was on Premarin for literally years and look where she is now. Perhaps what they use now is different than what she was on. In general, estrogen does seem to protect women from many things (heart attacks, osteoporosis & so on) so it does make sense.

I too can't use anything because of the breast cancer in my family. The cancers all started well after my mother was on her Premarin and two of her sisters developed breast cancer. One, my favourite aunt, died of it five years ago - in fact the anniversary of her death was last Saturday.


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Mar 7, 2004
Thanks for the link Jennifer.

Tina, like yourself I was on HRT for 20+ years. I weaned myself off only a couple of years ago.

Am I better or worse off for having taken it, I cannot tell.
Sure don't think I could have coped with the last 14 years without it.


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Jun 27, 2006
To be honest I don't know whether this comes under the category of "fuzzy" science - the research seems to be based on youngish women who were pushed into menopause chemically. Having been in this position myself, although it was via surgery, I'm not sure that you can extrapolate. The shock to the system when menopause happens like this as opposed to the usual more gradual process must be relevant surely? And it is a big shock - I had my first hot flash in the elevator on the way to recovery :eek:

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
I took HRT for 15 years and was also advised to come off it because of osteoporosis.

Sometimes I feel like throwing every tablet Dhiren and I take in the bin. Between us we take far too many; I just wish I had the courage of my convictions.

But HRT really was the best thing since sliced bread for me.


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Mar 7, 2004
Dear Joan:
My mother was on Premarin for literally years and look where she is now
can totally understand where you are coming from. Your poor mum.

Ah 'Premarin' was on that for 12 years - then changed to a 'no bleed' pill, as it was figured I was past the menopause.
Hysterectomy in 2000, stayed on HRT as my ovaries were removed at that time.

Must admit I was one of the fortunate ones, never any side effects, believed in all the positives............so I shall continue to believe in this one.


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Oct 4, 2006
My mum was on HRT for over 10 years and she still have alzheimers so i won't hold my breath on it being a magic solution for in the future lol

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