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how to pick a wardrobe lock - mum hidden keys

Discussion in 'I care for a person with dementia' started by jen54, Jul 30, 2015.

  1. jen54

    jen54 Registered User

    May 20, 2014
    oh dear, mum is getting paranoid, thinking kids around-and has locked her wardrobes-and hidden the keys, all her clothes are in them
    we have looked all over, they are no where

    has anyone any idea how to pick wardrobe locks?? I have tried with wire but to no avail
    50 years she has had them and never locked them.
    my fault, I never thought about keys :(
  2. garnuft

    garnuft Registered User

    Sep 7, 2012
    I used to be able to open Mam and Dad's wardrobe with a bent hair clip.
    It was a simple lock and just needed a force against the bolt.

    Makes me sound like a thief...I was only looking for an early peek at my Xmas presents.
  3. Tin

    Tin Registered User

    May 18, 2014
    Old credit card between the doors might just do it, it worked when mum lost key to a display cabinet. Or a worn down key of similar size/age, what about a small screwdriver. Once lost the key to a very old Ford Escort I had years ago, the screw driver really worked to open the door and start the engine!!
  4. 1mindy

    1mindy Registered User

    Jul 21, 2015
    No idea. But just this last couple of weeks OH has started taking keys from all locked doors and hiding them every morning I play hunt the door keys . Why ? he's never done it before.
  5. jenniferpa

    jenniferpa Volunteer Moderator

    Jun 27, 2006
    Can you access the hinges? They are sometimes the weak point.
  6. nitram

    nitram Registered User

    Apr 6, 2011
    North Manchester
    Assume free standing not fitted.
    Can you take the back off?
    Once inside you should be able to unscrew the surface mounted lock.
  7. Pete R

    Pete R Registered User

    Jul 26, 2014
    Try a local locksmith. They might be able to provide you with a spare key in case your Mum has the keys stashed safely away.:)
  8. Grace L

    Grace L Registered User

    Jun 14, 2014
    NW UK
    #8 Grace L, Jul 31, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2015
    Morning All,

    Jen, have you found the keys yet?
    Have you looked inside and vases or ornaments?
    Is mum a bit of a hoarder (like my MiL) ?

    I like the idea of talking the back off a wardrobe, my first thought was a 'hairgrip' or something similar.
    You could try and phone or pop in to a friendly key-cutters , they might be able to offer a solution.
    Take a picture, show them the type of lock...

    I have a similar-ish problem with MiL, it's a problem with a locked cabinet.

    MiL has an old polished wooden (glass front) cabinet for all her special ornaments and glassware .
    The keys has been missing months and months ... I cannot find the anywhere.

    The reason it bothers me, is ages ago MiL has 'taken' some of my Waterford glasses.
    Some of them I was given them for our wedding , so they are important to me.
    I don't know if I would feel the same if my husband were alive, but some of them he gave to me.

    Anyway, MiL managed to 'acquire' them , and gave them a new home in her cabinet.
    I want them back, they are mine.
    I wont be taking the back off the cabinet, I don't think it would be possible.
    And to try and pick a lock is almost impossible, MiL does not like anyone touching her possessions.
    She would have to out of the house for the day.....
    I'm just hoping one day the keys re-appear then I can get my things back.

    I hope you find a solution soon.
  9. beverrino

    beverrino Registered User

    Jan 12, 2015
    I have found my mum has a thing about keys. she has a very old fashioned heavy thick door that leads into the garage. Without access out of this door then there is no access to the back (back gate is very high with a heavy padlock not accessible from the outside).
    Recently the key vanished and I eventually found it (slightly panicky at this point). I now have ensured we have copies of all door keys (just in case)
    I would try and ensure you have a copy made of any key in the house (in preparation).
    Sorry I know this doesn't help any currently missing keys :(
  10. Lilac Blossom

    Lilac Blossom Registered User

    Oct 6, 2014
    Our local Police office used to have a vast array of keys which they used if anyone reported lost keys. I don't know if they still bother with that service nowadays with all the cuts but, especially if you are in a rural/small town area, it might be worth asking.

    Do you have a local furniture shop where you might be able to borrow some keys to try out? Maybe a charity shop would have wardrobe for sale - they might lend you a key to try out.
  11. jen54

    jen54 Registered User

    May 20, 2014
    panic over, sister went through it all again yesterday..we both sussed they HAD to be in the bedroom, as mum would have put them somewhere logical at the time! she had become paranoid that kids were rummaging through her stuff - she has taken to hiding her pants under her pillow as people are taking them off the line.........must get her some more, I suspect she is throwing them away as they become tattered!

    the keys were in dad's pillow case..how we missed them, I don't know as we both moved and shook the pillows!! and yup, went through every drawer, box, vase..under rugs anywhere we thought she may hide them, they are now on mums key ring and not left in the wardrobes..doors unlocked and picture of keys taken in case we need a spare again!!
    I noticed the window lock keys in the bathroom, so may well take those in case mum decides to lock all the windows :(

    definitely a new decline tbh, she is sure her brothers little kids have visited. trouble is they live miles away and are grown up now.

    I am having to try to remember all things and where they are, as mum rings up to ask, latest was her old airer which was broken and replaced with a lighter,easier one some months ago-sadly she had forgotten, she keeps saying she can't recall things which is so sad, yet wont acknowledge its anything more than old age

  12. canary

    canary Registered User

    Feb 25, 2014
    South coast
    Im so glad they have been found :D

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