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How to make sure other professionals know?!


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Jan 7, 2015

My Dad has dementia which is slowly getting worse and is cared for by my generally very fit mother. She has had a few health scares recently, including 2 bouts of cancer, and passing out unexpectedly and being bluelighted to hospital. The problem we face is that my Dad doesn't come across as being ill himself. We find that health professionals dealing with my mum don't realise he is ill. When she was taken to hospital, they got him to drive behind them (although he had actually stopped driving some time before). They also give him loads of information about her illness and care, to which he happily nods and agrees, and then cannot remember what they said later.

We need to find a way of putting it on record for doctors and emergency health staff that they need to contact one of us if something goes wrong or they need to advise on her support - Any ideas?


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
See if you can get yourself recorded as her next-of-kin on the medical system.
Its not infallible, but should mean that they contact you rather than your dad.


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Jul 24, 2014
You need to get your mum a registered carers card from the Council. I have one in my purse as i care for my husband with early onset alzheimers. You have to get it set up with a contact number should she take ill suddenly in my case it is my eldest son. They are to provide 24 hour cover until care can be put in place.


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Apr 9, 2012
ICE card?


Emergency Services are meant to look for something in her purse, or programmed into her phone, named ICE - In Case of Emergency. If you do one of those, naming you, and explaining the situation, they MIGHT find it, though they will probably just look to your dad. I'm not sure how quickly they will see her medical records, so that's not guaranteed to work.

On the car - if he doesn't drive, he really doesn't need access to the keys, so perhaps hide them or put them in a keysafe.