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How to get enough sleep while caring for early morning waker


New member
Jun 29, 2020
Hi, I have been caring for my Mum, who goes to bed around 10.30pm and is raring to go around 5am in the morning. She is wide awake and in need of a wash, change and breakfast, and guiding through her morning routine. She then goes to sleep in her chair for most of the morning. As she is at risk of falls and also is prone to sit on low seats or the toilet from which she can't get up, I really feel I need to be there when she gets up. The issue is that this is not giving me, as her carer, enough hours for a good night's sleep. I managed for a month or so, but don't think it's sustainable long-term. I am guessing other people have faced this problem, and would very much welcome suggestions!


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Jul 9, 2018
This may or may not help, but when mum was waking early, getting up and ending up on the floor we bought black out linings for her bedroom and the landing window, we also removed the clock that was in her bedroom, although we had to say it was broken and being repaired. It did help in so far as she stayed in bed for about another 90 minutes which although wasn't brilliant was certainly better. Good Luck and hope that others may be along with other ideas