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How these things seem to happen out of the blue


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May 9, 2012
south-east London
With no previous problem of this nature, my husband got up at 7am, came downstairs to find me and said: "Is this morning or afternoon?"

I honestly thought he was messing around and laughed - but no, he said again: "Is this the morning or afternoon, I really can't make it out."

I confirmed that it was morning and I made him some tea and toast for breakfast. I was working from home today and able to keep an eye on things - but to be honest he showed no more sign of confusion and seemed quite content.

For a long time now he has struggled telling the time, working out how much time has passed or how long it will take him to get to and from places - but not being able to tell morning and afternoon apart is a new one.

I knew it would come but it still amazes me how these things can practically surface overnight.

Maybe it is a one off and tomorrow he will know the difference. At least it doesn't seem to have caused him any distress.


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May 10, 2010
Yes Lynne, these changes can come out of the blue. They can also disappear as suddenly, then from time to time resurface. It may or may not be a one off.

For a long time the first thing my husband used to say when he came downstairs in the morning was”What day is it?” He usually only asked the once and probably forgot soon after in the day.

He could tell the time from his wristwatch, then check a clock, for a long time. Including six months in three different hospitals, and for a long time after he went into the care home.

The main thing is that you say it did not cause your husband distress. Although it may have caused you some….. It really is hard to see these changes in our husbands.

Loo x


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May 9, 2012
south-east London
Thanks Loo,

I am glad to say that yesterday's inability to tell morning from afternoon seems to have been a 'temporary blip'.

My husband has had a very good day today. He woke up knowing that it was Thursday and that he was to get ready to go to his 'Men in Sheds' group.

He got himself washed and dressed (once I'd sorted out the clothes for him), we had tea and toast, watched a bit of news - then off he went to the bus stop. He got the right bus, got off at the right bus stop, made it to his group on time, enjoyed a chat with other Men in Sheds members, sandpapered a chair down ready for varnishing - then made his way home, popped into the shop to buy himself something - then back home.

It was lovely to see the smile on his face and know that he has had a good day. That's really all we can do isn't it? - take each day as it comes and try not to look back with regret - nor look forward with worry.

Much easier to say than do I know- but I'll keep trying! :)

Thinking of you too in all of this Loo - and thank you for taking the time to share what you and your husband have experienced. It's hard to do at times - but the help, understanding and knowledge is invaluable.

Lynne x

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