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How reliable is the 'abbey pain scale'?


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Jun 29, 2015
Dad is in a care home and he can't walk, or talk and has assisted feeding. There are still brief windows when He will smile and recongise family members and I do feel he knows when we are with him.

Dad is on the verge of not being able to swallow (he's holding liquids in his mouth sometimes for up to 5 mins). So the next stage would be the final stage of not eating and drinking...

I had a chat with the care home about my concern with end of life care when dad is unable to say if he is in pain. They spoke about the 'Abbey pain scale' does anyone have experience of this as a reliable method?

From my own research "palliative care" for dementia patients is a new area that is being reviewed but has not received the same focus as say, end of life care in cancer.

Look forward to hearing your feedback

Thanks Suzie