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How long is this process

Dog Lady

Registered User
Dec 22, 2014
My MIL is under a section 3 of the MHA. We had a meeting yesterday with her Dr who is worried about her memory, cognitive difficulties, depression and her persecution complex.
We were told that it's likely but not certain that she will not be going home.
Her discharge from the psychiatric ward will not be happening this side of Christmas and nothing will happen regarding her possibly going into a care home until we have a date for discharge.

I was wondering what happens during the discharge process, what type of meetings will take place and how long will it all take (from discharge to moving into a care home)? Do we get a choice of care home and can we request one near to us?


Dog Lady


Registered User
Apr 17, 2015
Hello Dog Lady - I can only speak from my own experience. My mum was under a Section 3, and I was told that she wouldn't be able to go back home. At this point the hospital social worker said that she should be moved as soon as possible, because if she wasn't going to be able to go home then it was best to get her settled into a care home. Obviously a psychiatric ward is not a great place to be staying, and I absolutely hated the emotions my mum was going through whilst she was there. She would say to me that if she had to stay she would kill herself. However, I'm sure the real reason the hospital social work dept wanted her off the ward was so she wouldn't be coming out of their budget any more.

I was lucky in that I found a care home that I wanted her to be in very quickly, and it had one room available. A few days later my mum was visited by someone from the home for an assessment and they accepted her as a resident. It took about three weeks from me looking for a home for her to become a resident. In that respect, for me, this part of the process was straightforward. I don't understand why they want to keep your mum on a psychiatric ward until after Christmas? Has she got a diagnosis for why she's having the mental health problems? For my mum it was 'irreversible cognitive impairment'.

All the best x

Dog Lady

Registered User
Dec 22, 2014
The reason she is staying until after Christmas is due to a lot more assessments needing to be done and medication needs tweaking. No formal diagnosis as yet but frontotemporal dementia was mentioned.

Thanks for the replies.

Dog Lady

Lost bluebird

Registered User
Oct 6, 2015
Hi dog lady

My husband was a section 3 in a psychiatric hospital this time last year, he then had a fall and went on to a general hospital but declined rapidly. When they assessed him as medically fit, there was a discharge meeting and his social worker asked me to visit a home with a vacancy.

I had previously been advised to go and look at appropriate homes by the psychiatrist who was very helpful. I chose a home, I did have to dig my heels on with his social worker as it was more expensive.

I guess it depends on the local authorities but eventually they agreed and he is doing relatively well in a really lovely home which is only 15 mins drive. He is really well looked after which is all I can hope for.

So pick a good one
Good luck

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