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How long can she go on?


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Sep 13, 2012
Mum now down to 5 stone 10. The Nursing Home now struggling to give her fluids, and can't take bloods because her veins have collapsed. I saw the doctor yesterday who said did I want her to go to hospital to give iv fluids. I said what's the point. Firstly, Mums had enough of hospital and secondly shell come out and still refuse to drink. In the lap of the Gods now. The doctor agreed. Its not quite end of life care just get, but if she keeps refusing to drink then she will decline even more rapidly. The Hospital SW rang me this morning to ask how Mum is and I told her. I said there is no way she is coming home. The care she is getting at the moment is excellent and it would be cruel to allow her to come home. Apparently the NHS are paying for her care, not SS, because its cheaper to keep her at the NH than in a hospital bed which is £250 a day, plus of course it frees up the bed for another patient. Sue


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Dec 25, 2012
Sorry to hear about your Mum, sounds like you have got her into a nice nursing home though, you are right to keep her there, I wouldn't want my Mum in hospital. Hope you are feeling better in yourself now xx



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Aug 27, 2012
Hi Sueshell
At least you have other people to share the burden now. It does sound like the staff at the home are very caring.

It's really difficult and from what I've learnt on TP, seems to be very common that people with dementia seem to make the decision to stop eating. Is there anything you can tempt your mum with like icecream or ice lollies that could help fluid intake?
Or have they tried everything?

It's a very hard position for you to be in- sending you a virtual hug
J x


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Nov 6, 2008
It sounds very much as if your Mum is in the right place, with people who are caring well for her. I never wanted my husband to go into hospital so I agree totally with your decision.

Sending you strength and hugs for the coming days. xx