How do you know when final stage inevitable


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Nov 28, 2005
Can anyone tell me how the final stage is arrived?? Weird question I know but I am so concerned about when and if this will come to us. My husband is now pretty poor (I would say stage 6 but not sure that the mini assess. would agree with me). He shuffles around with only main focus of the day ie going to the loo. Can I help you? he says but then forgets what I suggest, eg. clean silver, wash up. Big disagreement this am because he thinks I took it on myself to organise new window frame (rotten through). We had discussed it thoroughly previous evening and in the morning but still through a tantrum when I discussed this with our 'decorator' and helper on the phone this am.
Mobility and memory and general disposition is pretty awful - I have the horror of
thinking that final stage is around the corner and I just wonder how he (we) dirft into it.
I know only time will tell , day at a time and all that - BUT I still wonder what to expect. Comments and experiences would be most welcome.
After a very miserable and difficult day - best wishes to you all Beckyjan :(


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Apr 10, 2006
Hi Beckyjan

Sorry i can't help on this one as my circumstances were different but just wanted to say that your in my thoughts honey.

Love Alex x


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Oct 9, 2003
Birmingham Hades
I recognise all that you are saying.
Lots of nastiness now,I cannot do anything right.
Peg walks?shuffles around,we only get to a local park now in the car,then just sit and look at the ducks.
I ask myself your question,then feel ashamed for thinking it.
Soldier on that's all we can do.
Best wishes


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Mar 13, 2006
hi beckyjan,
ive been wondering that for the last 8 months, i wish i new the answer:confused: just to say thinking of you and if you do find out please let me know,

ive been under the impression that its a secondary illness, such as pneumonia or heart failure that actually causes the patient to die, im probably wrong and im sure i'll be corrected if i am, but i know everytime mum has a chest infection ive thought is this it?
my thoughts are with you also
take care xx


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Donna

I read that you don't die of AD, you die with AD. But I believe in the later stages you are more susceptible to infections, which may be fatal.

Jan, I don't know the answer either. I've thought for the last two months that John was slipping into the final stage, but he's picked up again, and is almost back to where he was. I don't know how long it will last. From what I've read people can move backwards and forwards for a number of times before finally reaching the final stage.

It's a good thread, Jan, I'll follow it with interest. Hope things are a bit better for you this weekend.



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Oct 3, 2006
It seems that no matter how ill my mum gets...and it is certainly a rollercoaster ride...I never get used to it ...and it doesn't get any easier to accept. I do try and take each day at a time....but if she picks up one is literally the next hour thngs can change again. All I ask is that Iam suffering more than she is...I can cope with that. My feelings and deepest sympathy are with all those going through same or similiar...and thank god for t/ help ease our pain a little.


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Nov 28, 2005
I am thinking 'aloud' as I type this, trying to get my own thoughts together. I think what I am getting at is not so much those final desperate few days/weeks, but the stage when a sufferer slips from say like my David ? stage 6 - to the stage 7. How does it happen other than through an infection, stroke, etc. Does he just go steadily downhill until say he gets bedridden and perhaps less coherent, difficulty with eating etc.
Maybe my thoughts are turning this way as I consider what I will do about medication at that point. Hopefully he will stay on Aricept (if it is still working by then) but at what point should I be introducing Ebixa, again if at all. (I know I will have to pay for it and thought it may be worthwhile even if only for a few months.).

Sorry thoughts are a bit confused but hope most of you understand me.
Best wishes to all Beckyjan :confused: :confused: