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How do you control constant talking when they have Alzheimer’s


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May 27, 2016
The care home gave me a little book to complete with info on the PWD, a good idea. By the way @AliceA I had a read of the sound therapy you mentioned, will be interesting to see if they do more tests. I sent the info to someone I know who has fibromyalgia as it's supposed to help that as well.
Sound interests me, once I walked with a empty binocular case around my neck, a small biplane was flying very high but the sound was amplified and I could feel the vibrations strongly though the case. It make me wonder what noise does in this modern world of headphones.


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Oct 21, 2019
I would request a medication review with the doctor.
would he benefit from a change of seizure medication to one that has a calming effect?
Can the doctor refer him to an epilepsy nurse specialist if he is unsure about the medications.
Would a referral to speech and language help?
I think the best way to deal with the incessant speech is to add ‘ oh really’ comments, then every now and then parrot a bit of what they have said back at them. ’ Yes he did used to go the pub with you’ etc.
The sad fact is how you deal with the continual chatter depends on your core personality. I am quite good at it but as my husband bitchily points out I never listen to anyone. Someone with better listening skills then me is going to find it incredibly difficul.t.