How do we protect our visiting carers

Hard Work

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Sep 20, 2017
West yorkshire
I provide handwash and a clean towel for each different cater. Additionally I am using spray disinfectant on door handle and letterbox for postman. Anyone any other suggestions?
Keep safe everyone
Regards Shirley/hardwork.


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Apr 1, 2016
I don't think there's much more you can do @Hard Work . I wipe down the doors with a bleach solution as I know everyone puts their hands on these as well as using the handles and regularly clean the taps too.


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Mar 30, 2020
I have cut my Carers calls from twice to once a day unless I need to up it again as I suffer with lower back pain and now cannot take Naproxen. I also am disinfecting the sinks, taps and surfaces plus door handles. I do this straight after they leave plus I am doing this during the day. I leave the soap, handwashing and antibacterial hand lotion and hand cream for them and a roll of kitchen towel. We are all doing what we can.