How do I find a 'respite' break?


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Nov 28, 2005
Hello all:

StrawberryWhip (what a lovely name!): thanks for your message. Yes I was lucky with Attend Allowance - got the high rate very quickly I think because of all other medical issues and the fact I was up and down nearly all night too. (Still am sometimes). The other details like Council Tax came from an early course for Alz. Sufferers and partners at the beginning of this horrid journey. So I am ok in that respect.

As you say here the beds seem to be earmarked for longterm patients. However I met our GP this morning in church (he is also a priest) - and he mentioned a name I said 'who' and he said there is the key! So I am off to see him properly as soon as I can get for a private chat.

I do not feel desperate yet as lots of friends help and support me but I was hoping to plan a holiday within the next 12 - 18 mths in the hope I can keep up the energy needed (especially as the illness progresses).

Sometimes I do wonder if it is all worth the hassle and I have not even started telling my lovely husband yet - although we did discuss it a few weeks ago that has been forgotten now.

I am rambling now. Thanks for your thoughts. Jan

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
BeckyJan said:
I was hoping to plan a holiday within the next 12 - 18 mths in the hope I can keep up the energy needed (especially as the illness progresses).

Well Jan if you`re thinking so far ahead, maybe I`d better join in your search. ;)

Love xx


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Jul 15, 2007
village nr Swansea
I think we must have been very lucky indeed. When it was realised how much it was affecting us my mother was offered a place in a wing of a hospital that just did respite. Normally the respite is 2 weeks out of 6 but as another lady's carer thought that was too much then we were offered the other "half" so to speak, which was 2 weeks respite and ten weeks at home. You can have an idea how good that felt.
As to money, it was the Psychiatrist and Community Nurse who organised it all and at that time we were not involved with a SW at all. We paid nothing whatsoever. Mum enjoyed herself thinking that she was there to help out and not one of the "inmates" because she does not believe that she is 81, more like 30/40 in her world.
I had no idea before reading on this forum, just how very lucky we have been. Also, when we needed total care for mum, the SW we were given provided lots of help and guidance to find a placement for mum and arrange everything. So, this must be a wonderful council/area to live in.


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Jun 26, 2006
Glad to hear there are some parts of the country where help is available when you need it Daisy. If they can do it in Swansea they should be able to do it elsewhere! We need to carry on campaigning!
Beckjan .. hope all goes well and you move things forward.