How do I distract attention?


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Oct 23, 2006
Hey, Ive read on a thing to distract peoples attention when they start going off on one. Sorry for the bad use of words, upset at the mo. Anyways my great grandmas just been sayin how I went for her, and my grandma did but its ok for my mum to cause she drinks. About every other day she starts off on one, saying how bad Ive been and how Ive done this and starts saying everything that everyone has done. How do I get her to stop? I cant just say, oh look out there, what should I do?



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Feb 17, 2006
The only advice I can give is you cannot stop her, just humour her when she says those things just listen and agree do not take it to heart, and it is hard I know.

My mum seem to miss understand every thing my daughter tell her, ends up in an argument.

As in :- If find lately if I do not talk direct facing my mother face she misunderstand what I am telling her, so when my daughter says something to my mum from a distant , mum misunderstand what my daughter is telling . my daughter gets upset in what her grandmother is telling me , so I try to explain this to my daughter why I agree with my mother to cram my mother down , I have to wink at my daughter . My daughter is 22 , stress with studying so does not want to really understand what is happening to my mother

I hope I understood your question right, me being me is wondering what you mean by
and my grandma did but its ok for my mum to cause she drinks


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Oct 23, 2006
My mums a recovering alcholic, but has starting drinking again. Not that bad though but my great grandma uses that as an excuse alot.


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Feb 24, 2006
Depends partly what your relationship with great grandma was like before she got ill.

Have you tried looking up the fact sheets on aggression and on hobbies etc.? there might be some things in there you could try.

It sometimes soothed my mother if I brushed her hair, put lotion on her face and hands, rubbed her back and feet. Does your great grandma want or let you do anything like that for her?

And I read her poetry, (and she recited a lot), and we sang together.

I found I had to hide sometimes, locked in the upstairs bathroom, or in the greenhouse, where strangely she didn't seem to be able to see me. I hope you have got a safe hiding-place.


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