How did we find out about Talking Point?

How did you [COLOR=blue]first[/COLOR] hear about Talking Point?

  • a relative told me

    Votes: 1 0.5%
  • a friend told me

    Votes: 2 0.9%
  • my doctor/consultant/hospital/social worker/etc told me

    Votes: 5 2.3%
  • I used a search engine

    Votes: 101 45.9%
  • it was a TV programme/newspaper/magazine

    Votes: 2 0.9%
  • my Alzheimer's Society branch told me

    Votes: 9 4.1%
  • the Alzheimer's Society web pages told me

    Votes: 83 37.7%
  • the Alzheimer's Society newsletter told me

    Votes: 8 3.6%
  • an Alzheimer's Society leaflet told me

    Votes: 2 0.9%
  • I found out another way [if you can post a message to say how, it would help us)

    Votes: 7 3.2%

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Jan 31, 2004
near London
The growth of membership of Talking Point has grown steadily throughout this year [the only year for which I have kept data], and I thought it would be interesting to learn how members originally heard about this forum.

So here is another poll!

As with all polls, the more responses, the more significant the result, so do please add your vote! :)

If you found out another way, please let us know as it will help us find ways of promoting and helping people find out about the Talking Point forum. For example, if you came across this site after reading a about TP on a flyer or another internet site, please give use details of the site or location of the flyer.


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May 27, 2005
Are you editing this at the mo. Bruce - I can't see the poll now.

I'll do it later if there's a glitch.

How I did it.

Throught the A.S. Website.

And for a while I'd wanted to discuss issues with people who knew EXACTLY what they were talking about re: dementia (i.e. those with A.D. and other dementias, carers etc. rather than academics).

And I have to say, I came here and, although an 'outsider' I was made to feel very welcome.

Not flattering for the sake of it, praise well meant to all those who kindly let me join in/replied to my questions!

A big thanks to you all.




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Jan 31, 2004
near London
yes, having posted it, I suddenly thought that I should rearrange the list a bit and add in the forthcoming TP leaflet, so withdrew the poll and then re-posted it.

Thanks for responding!


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I googled you today, but come to think of it, I think I may have looked years ago and thought you were only for altzheimers not non specific dementias- which was stupid I know- but I'm sure others would think that if I did?

If not a name change then I think if you make the all dementias welcome clearand obvious would encourage?


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Jun 2, 2005
Los Angeles, USA
I was looking for information on the Alzheimer's Association (the big American organization) and Alzheimer's Society websites. In poking around the Alzheimer's Society website I came across "talking point." I had no idea what that was (is this a common British term for this type of forum?); now I'm glad I found it.



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Nov 28, 2004
The Consultant at the Memory Clinic advised me to contact the Alzheimer's Society, (she had just given us the diagnosis), and through looking at hteir website, I found TP.


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Brambled

I always say dementia first and then Alzheimer's or vascular or whatever in qualification. I did that even when I had been told that Jan had Alzheimer's, but that has since been clarified by my being told she also has vascular.

It is the Alzheimer's Society that hosts the forum so, although the Society covers all dementias, it is probably to be expected that Alzheimer's will be the headline name. After all, probably more people recognise the Alzheimer's name than do the generic dementia name.

Hi Karen

I happened upon TP when it was already in existence, so Nada or Craig will be the people to say how the name came about as they were the parents, as it were.

No, it is not a name I have come across before for this type of forum, but then I have myself always steered clear of 'chat' rooms, and have usually used specific technical forums previously.

I think Talking Point as a name works well.

blue sea

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Aug 24, 2005

TP is such a lifesaver to me, and I really do feel all doctors, social workers, hospitals etc should know about it. Ii had looked on the Alzheimers web page before but hadn't noticed TP. Also I hadn't really appreciated that the site was for all forms of dementia (dad had VD).
Blue sea


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Oct 20, 2005
Talking Point

My Father in Law was diagnosed with Alzheimer's about 18 months ago. I used Google to find Alzheimer' and soon found Talking Point. Reading the posts has been both reassuring and worrying.

Reassuring because of all the support that is available. Worrying because although Harold is still able to live at home with the help of carers, other people's posts give us a glimpse of what might be to come.

If his situation does deteriorate I am comforted to know that TP is here!



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Mar 16, 2005
Welcome to TP 332,

I've found it helps somehow knowing that others are going through similar things, although of course each case of dementia varies. It can be worrying reading what could be ahead, but best to adopt 'our Norm's saying and take it 'Day by day'.

Good old Google, eh?!


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Feb 17, 2006
I found it when browsing the AZ site, it was not easy to find that for sure ,I found it when I found some information about how the Kent AZ won an award from AOL to build a web site, & some how from there found this site

On the AZ page there is a link to AZ forum so I thought the forum was this, but was wrong & some how found this site why not a link to the talking point on the AZ web page ?It’s confusing to new comer, this seem like a forum to me

.its a shame that at the top of this page you can not click in to the AZ society site from the sigh at the top of this page above.

Is this site not run by the AZ society ? also

Please can someone tell me what is the different from a forum & a talking point ?as a forum is not a chat room


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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Please can someone tell me what is the different from a forum & a talking point
A 'forum' is the general term for such things, and 'Talking Point' is what the AS has chosen to call their forum for carers and people who have dementia.

A little like the fact that 'dementia' is the general term for the condition, and "Alzheimer's" is the name of a particular dementia.


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Feb 17, 2006
Hope you don’t mind me sharing this ,not being rude or anything

But I was told in the past that AZ can not be diagnosed until the person is dead

When you say that Alzheimer's" is the name of a particular dementia.

How can that be then?

Someone at the care home my is staying that her dad has senile dementia ,I thought they did not have that term anymore of saying it ,did not want to correct her in case I was wrong or unset her.

I am just wondering they said mum has Alzheimer’s & that was it I never question it at the time ,but I now find it strange confusing when I read that there is so many forums of dementia in how they new when they say that they can not no until the person dies & check the brain .

So if I got it right mum got dementia, but the real name is Alzheimer’s

So at the end of the day Alzheimer’s is really all forms of dementia at the end of the day ?

I also find people are scared when I say Alzheimer’s & prefer to say dementia

I wonder why when AZ & dementia still have the same symptoms. Or not?

Talk about being confused I am Margarita confused .com
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Jan 31, 2004
near London
Hi Margarita
First thing to say is that I am no expert, so what follows is just the impressions I have.

AZ can not be diagnosed until the person is dead
I believe the only absolute diagnosis is the one made post mortem. Any other diagnosis is based on the way the illness presents itself, together with the expectation of the type of dementia it may be, based on the experience of the doctor, the age of the patient etc.
Someone at the care home is saying that her dad has senile dementia
I guess that it may get around all the confusions and technicalities of naming the dementia to call it that, if the patient is of the right age. It seems bizarre in the case of a younger person to call it senile dementia though. Perhaps more people might understand the term senile dementia, perhaps the person thinks it is a better term, or something....
So at the end of the day Alzheimer’s is really all forms of dementia
Well, no, but perhaps yes as well. Alzheimer's is one form of dementia, but it is the best known variety. Because of that I think doctors may often use it as a synonym for dementia. I was told my wife has Alzheimer's, but later the diagnosis was changed to be part Alzheimer's, part vascular.
I also find people are scared when I say Alzheimer’s & prefer to say dementia
I usually say Jan has dementia, simply because it takes too long to explain the two dementias she has and at the end of the day, in conversation, does it matter?
I wonder why when AZ & dementia still have the same symptoms
Well, they have the same symptoms in terms of being very debilitating. But the reason for differentiating is because the way they develop, and the individual symptoms may be different, and for medication and long term care purposes this is important.

I tend to shortcut everything by talking to people according to their interest.

To a doctor, well, I talk about Alzheimer's and vascular dementia.

To a family member or close friend, I will call it Early Onset dementia, with emphasis on Jan's young age.

To a stranger, I'll just call it dementia as they are unlikely to want a long discussion on the subject and that works as shorthand. I can always expand things if they show interest.

To myself, I just call it Hell on Earth. :(


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Feb 17, 2006
No I suppose it does not matter anymore.

I think it did to me before because I wanted to share it of load ,so finding this site is so helpful ,typing to you where your going through it ,talking to the husband of a elderly couple ,telling them my mum just wants is to do is come home ,then husband give me a side way look & says yes that what his wife wants to do, but he can not cope so he visit, after work & stays till 9pm .

another man who has finally realize he has to hand over the care to his dad to the care home ,but still wants to be in charge of his dad medication, care, .Care home doctors telling him to get a life now , letting go really .

Just make me see another side of it all & that man are carers to there mum, wife’s & stop me feeling so sorry for myself, because other people get on my nerves, telling me I should be in a relationship, how am I going to meet someone when I care for my mum full time ,that I am letting myself go they have friends & seen it happen to them , they so negative about it like if I am abnormal because I put my mother before a man ,its my choice, I’m 47 have been in a long relationship people not in my situation say look ahead in 10 years time .

Then people in my situation say take one day at a time .

Yeah maybe your right its hell on earth ,but I do not believe in haven or hell anymore ,just an expression of words so with my determination shall find that happy medium balance I suppose , it make me laugh when I say that other wise I would go mad with anger ,but then I pull on my skill of the past & channel it all in the right way ..........thanks for letting me share.

I am wondering how old is your wife ?
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Feb 24, 2006
I googled because I am trying to find out how to diagnose my mother's condition, the doctors say there is nothing wrong with her mind, she can put on a very good performance for short-term visitors such as doctors or social workers.

I think she has dementia, I don't know if it's the beginning of Alzheimer's.



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Feb 17, 2006
I feel for you lila13 , because that what was happening to me before anyone would listen or believe me.

I was told it was depression, due to my dad dieing .a year later when mum was wondering around all night urinating naked in the front room, mum saying don’t tell anyone cover up for me ,because she thought she was going mad then they believed me & sent mum for a brain scan ,hope it does not get to that stage before anyone believes you .

With medication that all stop (just like to add )


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Jun 3, 2005
Margarita said:
... other people get on my nerves, telling me I should be in a relationship ...I’m 47, have been in a long relationship, people not in my situation say look ahead in 10 years time .
Then people in my situation say take one day at a time .
Margarita, I just wanted to add a note of support & understanding.

You ARE in a relationship, perhaps the most meaningful one anyone ever has. Just as your Mother taught you when you were little & ignorant and tried to guide you when you got things wrong, because she loved you unconditionally, that same emotion is what governs us when we do what we can to help them when they become frail and forgetful, in need of our loving care in their turn. One day at a time can be the only way to cope with dementia, but every day is still precious.

People speak of one's age as if the world as we know it is closed to us after age 50 (or whatever). It's not so unless YOU convince yourself that it is. If you met a new friend today you would be 47 and the loving, generous person that you are. In 10 years time you will BOTH be 10 years older, but you will still be the same people.

God bless

Lynne (56, and still enjoying life)

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