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anxious annie

Registered User
Jan 2, 2019
I have just got back from a long weekend with my sister. The good news is that the home is allowing two visitors at a time , socially distanced in the garden, but didn't have to wear masks this time, and the two visitors can vary, doesn't have to be the same two. The manager feels risks are minimal outside, and residents need to see their families. There needs to be consistency across the homes I feel. I don't know if indoor visits will go ahead as number of cases rise nationally, but hope so and will see when I visit next month. We cleared more of mum's house, and just need to arrange a charity furniture collection for the next time were up, as house sale still going ahead.


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Sep 27, 2019
Thats good, so glad you got to visit your mum this weekend. and well done on doing more house clearing. Hope visiting continues ok for you 🤞x

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