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Jul 16, 2019
Hi @anxious annie, good news about the house saleūüĎć How very frustrating and sad that you couldn't see Mum properly, travelling all that distance. You can't help but feel the home should have sorted a better arrangement by now - wellbeing is about connecting with loved ones too. I hope the vaccine paves the way forward for you and the family.

All the best

anxious annie

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Jan 2, 2019
Thanks @Pete1 , I have face timed mum today , she doesn't understand why she and the other residents need to be in their own rooms and is missing the company of others. I know that she is clean and well fed and someone is there if she has a problem, but I do feel very sad when I hear the residents are back in "solitary confinement". Am hoping there will be no need for this once residents and staff have been vaccinated.


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Jun 12, 2020
House sale issues are a nightmare to come for me. My dad is a bit of a hoarder and refuses to throw away useless junk, he won't accept the idea that he is never going to use things again. I am not pushing it, unless the item is dangerous I am just leaving it. I have told him that when the time comes I will need to order a skip as well as a coffin!! When the time does come it is going to be a massive task and I can imagine I shall need to pay for a labourer for a couple of weeks!