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How can I help my father?


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May 15, 2015
Hello all, I need help for my father, who is 75 years old. My father has been experiencing signs of dementia. Since my mother passed away five months ago, he has been going through depression. He refuses to take medicine and he thinks he is the reason for my mother’s death. He is feeling a lot of guilt because he was not good to my mother. We need to get him some help but he gets so angry and say terrible things to us. He is close to me and comes to me always whenever he has a problem. But I don’t know how to handle him and I am tired of this situation. Always want to do-all the things he asked for and I don’t understand how to take care of it. He is in a denial situation for everything we asked for. My sister can’t handle him alone and I am living out of the country. So I was thinking about a nursing home for him close to my sister. Does he will be okay there? I have heard bad things about nursing homes, but my friend said they know a good one.Is anyone here aware of any nursing homes in Montana,Add your valuable inputs. Thanks!
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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Hi Carol and welcome to TP
Normally I would say that you should get him to see his GP and they will get the ball rolling for a diagnosis and a referral to Social Services, but I gather that your dad is in USA, yes? Im afraid I dont know how the system works out there, but there are some people on here who are that side of the pond. Im hoping that this will bump it for them to see. :)