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How best to pay top ups?


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May 2, 2015
Good morning to all,

Can someone advise on best way to pay top-up fees payable to a CH?

There seems to be an assumption (by the LA and by the care home) that we will pay the top-up direct to the CH. I've read some worrying comments online that suggest it is far better to pay to the LA as ultimately they have responsibility for the contract overall and, should the person paying the top up no longer be able to do so for some reason, the LA at that point have to take responsibility for the whole contract until alternative arrangements are in place. Think I also read in the Gov statutory guidelines that although there are options, top-ups should be paid to the LA…..?

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Thanks and best wishes to all.

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
All you say is correct. However some homes do not like the LA paying it all as the contract can place a limit on price increases. Much easier for them to get the family to pay more.

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