How are we building Dementia Friendly communities?


Staff member
Apr 29, 2014
In this film, you can find out how Local Dementia Action Alliances (LDAAs), Dementia Friends and Dementia Friendly Communities all work together to support, empower and include people affected by dementia in their communities.

What is Dementia Friends?

Dementia Friends is an Alzheimer's Society initiative that aims to transform the way the nation thinks, acts and talks about dementia. It's about raising understanding and individual action.

What are LDAAs?

LDAAs are networks of people and organisations who are committed to transforming the lives of people affected by dementia and their carers.

The Dementia Friends programme is often used as a tool by LDAAs to engage people and organisations in their local area, and in doing so helps LDAAs to reach the goal of working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly community. This is done through Alzheimer's Society’s Dementia Friendly Communities recognition process. Through this process, communities can apply to be recognised for their work and awarded the use of a 'Working towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Community' symbol.


If any of you have experiences of being a Dementia Friend or Champion, let us know in the comments :)