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House move query


Registered User
Apr 13, 2015

Just wondered if someone could help me with a query please. My mother would be self-funding for a care home and I know that if she needed to go into one in the next 12 months, my dad wouldn't need to sell their jointly owned home to fund it as he still lives there and would be over 80 years old.

However what would happen if my Dad wanted to move house whilst my Mum was in a care home? Would the house funds need be divided in half (as though they were divorcing) and Mum's half be put in trust/used straight away to pay for the care home once her savings have run out?

Many thanks :)

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Hi Risa,
If the Local Authority were ever involved to fund your Mother's care then they would class half the value of the house as being hers. However if your Dad needed more than his half to downsize they have the discretion to allow some or all of Mother's share to be used. Your Mother or her attorney would also have to agree.