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House full of love.....


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Jan 11, 2015
I have a house full of love, yet a man who is so sad and lonely is not aware. I cry as i type this, watching him so isolated from us even though we try so hard to involve in every aspect of our lives. He is the first port of call when anyone comes home, hugs, kisses sometimes they are not acknowledged other times he is scared to acknowledge and now on the rare occasion he gives you a squeeze back.


Volunteer Moderator
Aug 31, 2003
It's so sad. I'm sure he feels the emotional warmth even though he doesn't show it.


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Apr 24, 2013
The vibes I am getting is that he's frightened. He probably doesn't understand what is happening to him and can't express this or take onboard what others are expressing. You have had a very difficult time and the only hope is that the right mix and dosage of medication can bring him some peace and calm.

Sue J

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Dec 9, 2009
Love is the best medicine. Am so sorry Keegan2 that this is how things are I agree with Izzy though am sure he feels the love very much despite outwardly appearing different.

Grannie G

Volunteer Moderator
Apr 3, 2006
I`m so sorry too Keegan. We will never know how he feels but all you can do is give the love and hope he feels it at least sometimes.