Hot flushes.


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Jan 29, 2006
Since earlier this year my mum has been suffering wwith hot flushes. She probably has about 6 a day and she gets so agitated with them that she then starts scratching. I spoke to the doctor but he didn't know what was causing them. Mum had bloods test done and they were fine. I also spoke to her psychiatrist on one of her visits and she couldn't offer an explanation either, although she did say that another lady she visits who is 82 suffers with them, my mum is 75.

The doctor is coming again on Friday and I just wondered if anyone had any experience of this in an older person, I don't even know if it is AZ related. Hopefully then I might have some suggestions for the doctor. Its tiring me out as I have to get up no end in the night to keep turning the fan in mum's room on and off to keep her cool, poor mum will scratch herself raw if I don't keep an eye on her because obviously it is quite distressing for her. The episodes last about half an hour at a time.

Thanks for any advice.


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Nov 28, 2005
Not sure that I can help but anything to do with hot flushes conjures up hormonal problems. Maybe that is something to do with how the brain is working?!!

(I am 67 and still take soy isoflavines to help with hot flushes).

I feel sure there will be some helpful advice out there for you.
Beckyjan :confused: :confused:

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
I get hot flushes at 65, but the GP thinks they are from my osteoporosis medication and has suggested changing it. But they are not as bad as your mothers sound, i just need some fresh air and well ventilated rooms.

There is also a possibility it could be caused by my underactive thyroid, asI feel chilled, often before I get hot.

Could it be any of your mother`s medication?

Love xx


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Jun 29, 2007
North Wales
I'm male, born before 1930.

For a medical condition which is fairly uncommon, I have to take Mestinon which is Pyridostigmine as Bromide and have developed quite severe hot flushes.

A dear lady friend on HRT recommended Kalms, a herbal tablet, and they certainly help without seemingly affecting the proper medication.

Don't know if this is of any use , but thought it worth mentioning. Modern drugs are very powerful so please be very careful.

With very best wishes - Cliff


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Jul 6, 2007
leigh lancashire
I have heard of this through my work.Someone especially at night having the spells of being hot and itching.The G.P prescribed an antihistamine tablet to be taken before seems to have done the trick ,no two people are the same as we all know.its just my experience of may work it may elainex


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Jan 29, 2006
Thanks everyone for your replies.

Mum is only on a small dose of Tegretol 2.5ml morning and night. This was prescribed almost 3 years ago as mum had an unexplained fit. The doctor did say I could try taking her off of it, if I dared to see if there was any change but as she had been taking this for over two years beore the flushes started I didn't think this would be related, plus the doc was right I was scared in case mum took a fit.

We tried the anti-histamine route but unfortunately that didn't work :-(

I will definately look at the Kalms though, but soy isoflavines, I'm sorry Beckyjan I don't know what they are :confused:

I do think that the itching isn't a symptom it's as if because mum can't communicate verbally how she is feeling that the itching is a sign of frustration because she doesn't know how to cope with it, mum always itches with her left hand and only either on her leg or down her pad. As an example of how bad it is, I left mum with my sister while I did my shopping and when I got back and changed mum, my sister had obviously not noticed her scratching and the cheek on her bottom was raw, it took 3 weeks for it to heal, so you can understand why I want to get the problem sorted out. Mum is going into respite next week for the first time and although I have explained about this I dread to think what she is going to come out like :eek:

Thanks again everyone, isn't TP marvellous :D


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Jun 29, 2007
North Wales
Sorry I didn't mention it, but the side effects of my tablets include, as well as hot flushes, irritation at various places but I am able to resist scratching.

Apologies - Cliff


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Jul 2, 2006
Newport, Gwent
Just a thought, but might mum have an an allergy to something in the pads, may be a change would make a difference.

When I ‘hit a certain age’ and suffered with hot flushes I used to take Dong Quai, but I would have a chat to someone in the know at a herbal shop first.


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Nov 2, 2005

My FATHER, nearly 80,gets these flushes and he had blamed them (and all his other illls!)on the aricept but your threads make me think it could be the illness itself. He too gets several flushes each day, and they are ruining his quality of life which is otherwise not too bad. When the flushes come he becomes unsettled, agitated, angry, grumpy... and often upsets my poor mother. When hot he also tends to peel off all his clothes in public, so I've told her to replace those old greying vests!


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Jan 10, 2008
Hi Currywurst, my mum is 74 and has been having flushes for a while ( 2 years or more) her face goes deep red but she mumbles about being cold they only last a couple of minutes then go away again. She can have a few in one day then go for ages without one. They are unsettling but no-one has been able to say why they occur. I have mentioned them in TP before but no-one seems to have heard of them or why they happen so I was surprised to see your mention of them. I thought they were hormonal at first but they are too irregular. Now I think it could be a problem caused by Alzheimers. They don't cause panic anymore. We just sit them out.



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Aug 25, 2012
Hot flushes

Just reading through the thread.
I had gynae hot flushes pre total hysterectomy that started in my spine then radiated.
For 2 years post op I had no symptoms but for the last year I have numerous hot flushes daily. They do not start in the spine and anything can set them off.
I have asked a couple of GP's why I should be having these symptoms when I don't have ovaries and was OK for 2 years- they can't answer.
These flushes impact on my daily life- poor sleep for both myself and husband.
I would be interested to know if it is related to my dementia especially as I've only been on Aricept for 3 months and it hasn't changed the severity or frequency of flushes.


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Jun 6, 2011
Astrologically, some planet is activating your Mars. Mars rules all 'hot' or inflammatory disorders in the body including of course aggression and anger.

You can see where your Mars is by doing a chart at

Say your Mars was at 7 Cancer. Pluto, the planet that intensifies everything it touches, is currently at 7 Capricorn, the opposite sign. So your Mars will be over-activated.


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Jul 10, 2011
Horsham, West Sussex
I tried googling this and one of the headlines was under-active thyroid as Sylvia suggested. Unfortunately the page had expired so I wasn't able to look further. Could it be a side effect of any of her medication? I have a fan in front of me at work and that goes on and off regularly, so it must be awful having to do this at night for your mum. I just turn my pillow over and fling the bedclothes off, then wake up again to pull them back on. It does make for a disturbed night but I'm almost getting used to it now.

I'm interested to hear about the soy isoflavines and the Kalms too as I am hot flushing a great deal lately (54), and while it means that we are hopefully saving a fortune on heating bills, it's pretty uncomfortable especially at night. I took a composite herbal tablet expecially for menopause but it didn't help.


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Mar 24, 2012
I had a total hysterectomy when I was 45 I was put on HRT and took that for about 8 years and came off it I am now 63 I still get hot flushes my husband says he doesn't need a hot water bottle I often wake up in a hot flush but don't get them during the day now ,

Jeany x

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Aug 25, 2012
Further to my thread earlier today- my thyroxin dosage is correct. I was prescribed a low dose of gabapantin for the flushes but am going to ask to be weaned off as I really can't see any benefit.
I know what you mean about the pillow turning over and over and the duvet on then off, then I sit on edge of bed, go barefoot on slate kitchen floor, have even stood outside til frozen before returning to bed. The later I wouldn't recommend!!
The night before last the heat ( I mean warmth) from a cup of tea a foot away from me was enough to set one off ( you couldn't make it up!).
I wonder if it is anything to do with a form of Alz? I would love an answer.


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Aug 20, 2006
Well, the usual cause of hot flushes is hormonal and associated with the menopause.

Sometimes they can be relieved by eating food that are rich in phytoestrogens (also called isoflavones). These are called xenoestrogens. This is because they work in the same way that estrogens do, but unlike estrogen, they are not manufactured by the body itself, but come from an outside source. In this case, certain plants in the diet. If you like they are a natural form of hormone replacement therapy. However the effect is much milder because there is only a molecular similarity between the two.

Obviously if the meopause is ruled out then there would need to be investigations into other possible causes.

Hot flushes are medically known as "vasomotor instability". This means the inability to correctly control the body's temperature. The "hot flush" sensation is actually the body triggering a cooling mechanism - flooding the vessels in the skin with extra blood - when it does not need to. This is also why a blush 'burns' - the surface of the face is suddenly flooded with 'hot' blood. When the body senses it is overheated, this is one way it tries to cool down.

Body temperature and the mechanisms controlling it operate from an area of the brain, it's therefore possible that dementia has damaged this part of the brain. There are other causes, including certain drugs and even allergies.

The diagnosis will probably rely on eliminating these possibilities. If everything else turns up negative, then it probably is the dementia.

A commend about the post above: please ask a doctor before taking any form of drug that has not been prescribed. "Supplements" and "Natural Remedies" can contain substances that are every bit as powerful , if not more so, than prescription drugs and they can interact with medications you are already taking. Many drugs are simply highly refined extracts or derivatives from plants. Also, "supplements" and "herbal rememdies" are not subject to the very strict controls imposed on actual medicines.

It is therefore wise to seek medical advice before starting to take such remedies. Also, it is important to stick to the recommended dosages; such remedies are not "harmless" and some carry the same risk of overdose as traditional drugs.

For example, iron tablets - whilst buyable as a supplement - can be extremely dangerous if taken in excess, as can certain vitamins. Almost anything can be toxic if you take enough of it.