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Hospital stay


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Sep 21, 2013
Well hospital stays .MY MIL waited for an ambulance 2 hrs to be taken in to hospital to be told that would have to wait longer so we drove her in. She was quizzed by A and E staff if she knew who the queen was etc before my husband nearly killed them and told them to leave his mother with VD alone .(according to nurses this quiz had to be done to all over 75) A butterfly band was place on her wrist along with her name .I asked later what it ment Oh its because she may wonder .I stayed 3 night on the chair next to my mother in law until we final got out .She had to suffer a screaming women next to her fro 10 hrs . Consultants saying lets do yet another blood test. She had injects in her stomach to stop clots, after the first she was black and blue apparently this ca happen.A warning would of been nice as I had to explain why she had such bruises and stillam having to 4 weeks down the line. There were 2 kind nurse one , a big black gentle man who as I had fallen asleep woke me as MIL had got up to go toilet and he did not want to scare her by talking to her as she did nit know him. The second just talked and held her had and explained every time she needed her blood preasure done which was every 1 day ad night. I dread going back there . Treat them as human beings not a piece of meat .I complained and yes still waiting for a response.that was in MArch.


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Dec 29, 2012
Balloo, sorry your MIL had such a rotten time in hospital. The situation you describe sounds like a typical admission to hospital these days. Scary for someone who is well; just imagine how frightening it is to someone with dementia! I am not sure if staff have the right training to deal with dementia patients, or is it that resources are so stretched and things so fast moving that they can't cope.
Good idea to complain. I think you can contact PALS (Patient Advice Liaison Service) who can give you some help with complaining; here's a link to read more about PALS


I wish you the best of luck, sending warm regards
Jane xx

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